you purse ladies are my GO TO...

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  1. Searching desperately for a black leather purse!
    I've had no luck!


    ~under $300 (preferably close to $200.)

    ~what I would call sort of medium-sized (say, smaller than a LV Neverfull size Large...but perhaps a tad bigger than the Medium? Coach's Small Phoebe is too small!) I am 5’9” so a small bag looks pretty silly most of the time.

    ~good compartments (cannot do the big-black-hole Tote Bag kind of interior. I have a lot of stuff that I need to find by organizing where each thing goes! )

    ~only one set of handles (eg, not a handle + a shoulder strap...unless that shoulder strap can be unnoticeably removed, e.g. bag still looks cool, not like it's missing something that was hooked to it.) I only do a handle that can be carried and also fits under my arm, if you will.

    ~pretty simple

    ~would be awesome to go with either silver or gold, but if not – c’est la vie.

    ~I don’t prefer a lot of hardware at all (heavy purses annoy me – sorry, not to hurt feelings!)

    ~wider rather than tall? Wait, tall is fine as long as I can get to the bottom easily!

    ~brand names don’t matter & I am not a huge fan of a big, noticeable logo

    ~Love those “feet” on the bottom to protect leather (if possible, not a deal-killer however)

    ~not a big hobo-lover (although one that’s not too bohemian is okay)
    ~no briefcase, clutch, “old-lady”/QueenElizabeth or “duffel-bag” looks please

    ~VERY IMPORTANT to open fairly wide…I cannot do a bag that is a pain to access the interior

    (for reference)
    Michael Kors Tote - Susannah Large
    I can always take that giant MK logo off, even though I adore Michael Kors!
    I have not actually seen this purse, but it looks perfect

    If I had $400. I think I would order it now.

    Thanks for listening!!!

    If you’ve read this far, and can help, and want to help, PLEASE HELP.
    Grateful Girl
  2. nobody?

    c'mon wonderful Ladies of the Bags?

    a little help?


  3. Check out this one...

    It's Michael Kors - $278 (i think it meets all your requirements!!)$300
  4. This is difficult. This is MBMY at Barney's Warehouse: for $179.

    I don't know whether you're a fan of patent leather though, but it's a simple design which is pretty timeless.

    Here is one in Matt leather but it's $285:

    Honestly though, if you've found something that is PERFECT, you're better off saving for it than compromising too much. I haven't seen the other link babesnstuds posted, and am unfamiliar with MK, but good luck in your search!
  5. YOU GUYS ARE INCREDIBLE...amazing...thank you!
  6. I think you are describing the Coach Phoebe bag-you can find one in your price range on Ebay.