You paid HOW MUCH?!

  1. The other day I was at my BF's Aunt's house and they had some people over to eat. I was carrying my LV and of course the first thing that comes out of their mouths are "How much was it?" :huh: oy Asian people!

    There is this one woman who I really really dislike... her whole family are the rudest people I have ever met. Right after my BF told them how much it was, she gave me the DIRTIEST LOOK like she was so much better than me! I gave her a dirty look right back, then they started talking in Laos... I'm Cambodian and I understand some Laos, but not all. So I didn't know what they were saying. My BF later told me that rude woman said "I can go to Laos and buy 10 for $100!" My BF retaliated with "yes but they are fake!" :lol::lol: Yes that makes you SO MUCH BETTER THAN ME LADY! If only she had said it in English! :mad:

    Ugh this woman gets on my last nerves!
  2. :mad:Girl.. i totally feel your anger!! Im glad that your BF understands and is supportive. You know how Asian families are damned if you do damned if you dont.. If your brought a fake one over they'd prolly say smack to... Just embrace it and carry your lovely LV proudly :love:
  3. I'm sorry to hear that there are jealous people like that, that you have to deal with. I understand what's it's like to have to "tolerate" a bf's distant relatives.

    That being said, her remarks were out of envy and you should feel good about taking the higher road and not snapping anything back at her face. :biggrin:
  4. Eeeek! This is why I never tell anyone how much anything is unless they are close friends. It's a tacky question to even ask of anybody that's not close to yo.

  5. I did NOT want to tell her, but to be "respectful" my bf told her. :mad:
  6. Haha. I can totally relate! Darned if you do and darned if you don't. Crazy people I tell ya =P
  7. Hey that is such a horrible thing to have happened to you, take no notice of her whatsoever. Whatever anyone says you enjoy your handbag and don't let anyone make you feel guilty about it! keep Smiling! Rose xxx
  8. Sina, what bag were you carrying?

    i will smack that lady for ya.
  9. I had a Batignolles Horizontal. Feel free to smack her as hard as you want! :lol:
  10. In my circle of friends, my family and my bf's family they woudl eat you up alive and talk in another language if you were wearing a fake!
  11. I feel your pain! I HATE when a non-spender finds out how much I paid for an expensive item. I usually get that "you are dumb and I am so much better than you since I don't waste money like you" look. Sadly it does make me feel kinda of dumb! :sad2: I know luxury items are overpriced and unnecessary but that is sorta the point.

    Next time I am in that situation I am just going to say "I got it at Target on sale." No one can have a problem with that right? :idea:
  12. ..somebody prepare a first-aid kit
    cause my knuckles are ready.
  13. I find it very rude! WHY does it matter to HER how much YOU pay for YOUR bags?! IMO, that's just jealousy talking. Just ignore and enjoy your bag! Snaps to your BF for standing up for you!!!
  14. Yeah, I never understood why people get their panties all tangled up about it. It's not like I'm spending YOUR money on it. I'm spending my own, and I think the money is worth it. But you guys gotta admit, only we can understand each other and our motivations to buy expensive bags. To some people, it's beyond their comprehension.....
  15. Turn the other deserve to carry your bag with pride! Jealousy is a terrible thing...believe me, I get lots of it from my in-laws. I'm just a spoiled snob in their eyes. You can't let it get you down or feel bad for what you should just feel bad for them for being so rude.;)