You own a Montaigne? Care to comment please....

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  1. Owners of gorgeous Montaignes - I've read that your Montaignes do get less boxy after some use when the leather softens even further. Can you please tell if this is in a negative way - in that the handles now pulls the bag into an odd shape, etc? Does it bother you much? Even better, if you'll be a sweetheart and post a pic of your worn-in Montaigne with your usual stuff in it, this will be fantastic.

    I'm loving the Montaigne very much but can't decide if I should get it as my next BV. It's now a tie between the Montaigne and the new Pyramid. The other thing that is holding me back for the time being is the colour of my next BV which I have yet to decide.

    Your comments, as usual, will be very much appreciated and seriously considered. Thanks so much. :smile:
  2. I haven't worn my montaigne a huge amount (about a week's worth?) but it absolutely doesn't look boxy when worn. Depending on the weight of the objects in it, the straps seem to pull it up a bit, though the bottom stays flat (unlike the LV speedy, which has no bottom of the bag support). I really like it. It also smooshes nicely against the body if you lengthen the straps and carry it on your shoulder. And of course, it's versatile in that you can unlatch the sides and make it more of a square than a rectangular shape. Will try to take some pix if I can, but I hope this helps!
  3. My DH niece has seriously abused her noce montaigne over the last 8 months or so. The leather does soften up a fair bit as it does with the other BV's and her bag now slouches a lot (inc a saggy bottom). She can wear it easily on her shoulder by lengthening the straps but of course the bag doesn't look very big if the sides are done up and it's on the shoulder. IMO this bag looks much better handheld. I personally prefer the pyramid over the montaigne, but then I'm more of a shoulder bag kind of gal!
  4. Hey mlbags - I've now been using my noce and nero Montaignes for about 3 months (I haven't had a chance to use my bianco and carmino Montaignes other than to carry them lovingly around the house...) and I must say I have been babying them so that probably affects how they have "worn in". I also don't carry much so they don't have to deal with being stuffed with heavy things that could distort their shape or make them stretch out. All that being said, after three months of using the two of them the noce has become softer without losing its overall shape, and the nero really hasn't changed much at all - the leather started out a bit stiffer and has stayed that way. They still have that Montaigne boxy shape that drew me to them in the first place. I would say that the Montaigne looks and works best as a hand-carried bag - but it can also go over the shoulder when you need both hands, which is a great option to have available.

    Good luck with your choice!
  5. hi mlbags, i've been abusing my carmine montaigne for a month and a half (crowded subway, dumped on desks/chairs, rained on several times, hung on a hook at the office with stuff inside) and it's held up quite well. it's now looking less boxy but not in a bad way. no signs of distortion at the handles although i keep the bag two-thirds full. best part - leather's gone even smooshier.

    overall it's a terrific bag - carries a ton without sacrificing looks and goes from office to evening effortlessly. and such a ladylike, iconic bv look that will go the distance. :tup:

    note: my montaigne is always hand carried - i have not converted it into the tote or carried it over my shoulder, so i think that helps to keep it's shape somewhat. :idea:
  6. Thank you for your feedback...... would be great if I can see a pic of a 'worn-in' montaigne! Nevertheless, these feedback are still of tremendous help.