You only get to choose 2 outfits for the rest of your life... What would you choose?

  1. For those of you who don't hang out in the Beauty Bar... GayleLV started a great thread with a very difficult hypothetical question. She had the great idea to expand it to the Wardrobe, as well. So here's the hypothetical situation...

    Aliens have invaded Earth (bear with me here:p), and they're only allowing us to keep 2 outfits each. It can be anything you want. Accessories and undergarments don't count. Neither do shoes and accessories. The clothes will always fit and if they wear out, they'll be replaced with exactly the same thing. No sharing clothes with others, and no more than 3 pieces per outfit.


  2. Dayuummmm aliens again!!! (LOL..we have too many little inside jokes.) HAHA. My two outfits...this will definitely change, but here goes.

    1. 7FAM bootcut or skinny jeans in a dark wash, Christian Louboutin 100mm black patent VP with burgundy tip, silk bustier strapless tank, cashmere cardigan, with Chanel Jumbo or metallic reissue. Bangles, Tiffany diamond studs, my rings I always wear, and the diamond pendant I wear everday.

    2. DVF dress (black or white), Christian Louboutin wine Rolando, diamond studs, some fun matching necklace, Chanel classic flap or Timeless caviar clutch.

    Note- Subject to change! :amuse:
  3. ^^ Very detailed... I like your outfits a lot!

    1) Stretchy jeans, white polo shirt, sneakers. (What if I need to run away from aliens? Clearly Priiin didn't think about this.)

    2) Black silk jersey wrap dress, open-toe sandals with 3 1/2 inch heels. (What if the aliens want to take me to a cocktail party?)
  4. Outfit 1
    - Black wool trench coat w/ removable fur collar
    - Grey wool dress pants
    - Navy blue cashmere tunic

    Outfit 2
    - White knee length cotton sundress
    - Black cashmere cardigan
    - Grey wool leggings

    I'm not going to list shoes and accessories since they don't count. I think I may have over-thought this a bit. These are not necessarily my favorite outfits, but I can mix and match all the pieces and make different outfits for summer, fall, winter, and spring. I also picked neutral colors so people won't get so sick of seeing me wear the same thing for the next 60 years :biggrin:
  5. This is SUCH a great question. I'm sitting here thinking about it and it dawned on me that I *wish* I was the kind of person who had an answer for this and could rattle it off without thinking. I ASPIRE to be that person. That is someone who KNOWS a certain aspect of themselves so well, without question.

    Above all I'm a jacket and boots person, so anything surefire would involve that. I love cool collars and vests too. Any clothes that say 'take me seriously' whether that be androgynous, kind of glamourous, menswear, kind of rock and roll whatever... as long as it isn't something that could be mistaken as something a 12 year old would wear. Cutesy is horrible on me.
  6. Priiin your style is a bit like mine or my style is bit like yours =P whuaha

    omgawd this is really hard =P

    1. my wolford Taisha skirt in black, navy blue cashmere vneck , my balenciaga gladiator heels or pair of CL black patent heels, my patent tote which matches everything and my rick owens leather jacket if it gets really cold =P

    2. my darkgrey skinny jeans, cashmere cardigan, my perfect basic v neck tshirt or bustier, Chanel Jumbo flap, and my chocolate patent boots also my trenchcoat if it gets cold

    as for jewelry i would take my diamond studs, some bangles including my fendi, my diamond pendants, and my swarovski / diamond rings
    and i would sneak a vintage tshirt and my Louis vuitton MC speedy with me =D
  7. if aliens invaded earth, id have to survive, so probably the army pants that my neighbor wore in vietnam (lol he was tiny), brown suede logger boots i've had for years, a ratty ribbed black tank i've had for even longer, and a gray sweatshirt i've worn the sh*t out of since high school. LOL.

    anything other than that would just be frivolous :p

    lol, i'm no good at this, am?

  8. Good point. I think I'd have to ditch the cowboy boots. God knows we may have to go find Colonel Kurtz or something, and I know firsthand those aren't going to work out.
  9. ONLY two?? And what the heck is all this alien stuff about? I'm onna go find that thread...

    Ok mine would be:

    1) Lee stretch skinny hipsters, a slouchy tee, chloe myrte sunnies and my muscade paddington; and

    2) jigsaw silk victorian blouse, tailor-made charcoal pants, chanel black reissue (228) and some sky-high black pumps...
  10. Well, for everyday I'd indulge my Buddhist monk fantasies and have an all-purpose toga type garment and a huge, thin cashmere shawl to keep me warm. This outfit would include some sturdy leather sandals.

    Outfit two would be an army type outfit - tough boots, combat pants and a collared shirt.

    Can I squeeze a wide-brim hat in somehwere??
  11. haha, this is perfect!
  12. the aliens would have to kill me.

    kidding. I have to get back to you with an answer.
  13. Hehe thanks! I love was fun to choose two outfits! I wear the first outfit ALL the time so it was easy. Hey, I can totally run in 5 inch heels. :p

    I love your outfits too! We DO have similar tastes! :roflmfao:
  14. oooh. this kinda hard!

    First outfit: SFAM flynts, RL turquoisey-light blue dress shirt, RL cable knit white cashmere sweater, purple scarf, my navy JCrew vest with fur-lined hood, and my purple Nine West mary jane pumps. Oh and a big pair of Gucci sunglasses!

    Second outfit: this gorgeous handmade, custom designed raw silk cocktail dress that my mom got for me, with lots of diamond jewelry and my strappy gold 6 inch heels
  15. ^LOL, Aliens have invaded tPf! Have you seen the Beauty Bar recently? :blink:

    I was trying to think of it in terms of changing style and what kind of clothing would be appropriate for any occasion, but then it dawned on me that if this happened to EVERYONE, style probably wouldn't matter as much :s :shrugs:...

    Don't mind me, I over-analyze everything lol. But at any rate, I think I'd go for comfort... Probably a black velour Juicy suit and tanktop, because it wouldn't show any dirt, it's stretchy and I could take off the jacket if I got hot. Then my second choice was going to be black wrap dress, but I don't think the aliens will be inviting me to any parties, so I don't think I'd need it...

    I like the idea of Army pants, actually. I could wear them with my tank top and look cute in a Jennifer Aniston way :shrugs: I'm thinking that something with a hood would probably come in handy too...