"You On A Diet" as seen seen on Oprah LOL

  1. OK so on todays Oprah (11/2/06) Dr. Oz was on there talking about his new book.

    He had some really interesting stuff to say so I went to Barnes and Noble today and picked up a copy.

    I read the ENTIRE thing tonight and I LOVE it!! I cannot wait to start his plan...

    I am not really a fan of diet books, but he has TONS of research to back his advice up. I will keep you posted on how I am doing!!

    PS--goal is to lose 30 lbs by March for my cousin's wedding in Texas:yes:

    I am 5'10 and currently 165...want to get down to 135:yes: which is the weight I was apx. 3 years ago!!
  2. I went on his website and it does seem interesting. I may pick up the book too, thanks for the iinfo
  3. Thanks ladies!!

    I think I am going to start on Monday:smile:
  4. How does his plan work- what is the main platform?
  5. I watched the show....I just love Dr. Oz. I immediately ordered the book from Amazon, along with a pedometer. Can't wait to read the book. I don't expect to look like I did when I was younger, but I do expect to take off 80 lbs. There is a show on the Discovery channel at 10:00 tonight about the diet.
  6. Megs-- basically, he and another Dr. come at dieting from the hormonal angle...ie how what you eat triggers hormonal reactions, etc.

    It is really fascinating stuff!

    ecmd7--make sure you let me know if u like the book! I seriously could not put it down!! LOL
  7. I would like to know more information too on this diet. I was looking on his site and it really didn't say much about the actually diet. Anyone that has read the book have any input?
  8. I would like to know more, any info out there? Thanks! :smile:
  9. I read about this on Oprah.com Good stuff! How basically cutting out 100 calories each day and staying away from hydrogenated fats, the "white stuff", and eating produce with regular exercise will help you to lose weight. It's all very basic info from what I read but very good to see that it isn't a fad diet. Might have to pick up the book to read further.
  10. I have been following his advice for this past week...I will let you ladies know the results on Wednesday!!
  11. That'll do it...:yes:
  12. I missed the show but I love Dr. Oz ...I'm getting the book tomorrow. Thanks for the tip Couture:idea:
  13. ^no prob! You will love it!! :smile:
  14. Waiting for updates!!! :yes: