You never forget your first...

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  1. Lots of firsts today--first thread and first LV purchase! I got the Neverfull MM in monogram with the cerise lining, which I'm totally in love with. I love everything about this bag, and I feel like I got three bags in one. I had toyed with the idea of getting a Speedy, but the Neverfull seems more practical and versatile.

    I actually went to buy it last Friday, but the only one they had in stock had one red stitch where the handle is sewed to the canvas. It must have pulled through from the cerise, and on the interior, there was one yellow stitch in the same place. I was pretty surprised it made it out of quality control, but I obviously didn't want that one, so they had to order another for me, and I picked her up today.
    IMG_3905.JPG IMG_3906.JPG

    What's YOUR first LV story??
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  2. Babymoon purchase in Hawaii. Hadn't planned on it (my goal was to get an LV bag when I reached a magic age #, still a few years away). I happened to be dining nearby the LV in maui and read the Yelp reviews about tax being lower and cost overall being lower, figured why not and took the plunge !
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  3. My first LV was to celebrate finishing my second Ironman. I was actually trying to stay within a certain budget and my sweet hubby encouraged me to get the handbag of my dreams since this was going to be my one and only LV. He helped me pick the perfect one!
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  4. I got my pochette DE from my parents when I finished the first step in my education (something between high school and college, I think?). It is 12 years ago this summer. I went to the store with my mom to buy it, I still remember every detail. And I still have, use and cherish my bag
  5. First I bought for myself. Epi tresor wallet in black at a Neiman Marcus. I think I bought that in college, over 25 years ago. A Purse was a Damier Brera, long retired. Then a monogram wallet. And so it goes.
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  6. My first was a speedy from my parents in high school during a trip to NYC, which is where I eventually ended up staying.
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  7. Aww... I wish I had a sweet story like the rest of you ladies!

    My first bag was acquired after my husband was out of town for his brother’s wedding and forgot to call me on our five year wedding anniversary.

    Big mistakes require big apologies! :lol:
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  8. My first was my Noe BB in 2014. Aquired it on first trip together, out of town with my DH. :smile:
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  9. My first was when I was working as a long haul flight attendant and I was shopping in Singapore. My neverfull GM is now 11 years old.
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  10. My Bandouliere 30 march 1995 new!
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  11. My first luxury purchase ever was my Speedy B 30. I bought it for myself last year for my birthday. It’s my work horse and even after almost a full year of use it’s still in almost perfect condition. It’s my baby!
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  12. Congrats on your neverfull! I bought my first bag (neverfull GM DE) when I was 16 from the money I earned with my part-time job.
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  13. My first purchase was at the LV Flagship Store in NYC ️ for Mother’s Day 2011
    We went in for the Neverfull MM in Mono because I figured that would be the best starter bag .
    We had such a great experience with a wonderful SA - but when he brought out an Artsy MM in Mono it was a done deal.
    Idk if my DBF planned on spending that much money but he did and I ️ it!
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  14. My first purchase was the Croisette in DE on my first trip to Paris. I had originally stopped in the Champs-Élysées store, which was a madhouse and I left disappointed. Stopped at the Avenue Montaigne store right after where the nicest young man helped me pick out my bag. It was a wonderful experience!
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  15. Neverfull MM in DA about 6 years ago. Bye bye Coach, hello LV!