You never forget your first... Glazed Almond Matinee!

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  1. My very first RM. :love:

    Glazed Almond Matinee with Chocolate Pullbacks




    Funkylala helped my husband buy this for me behind my back for my birthday! Even as I was needling them to find one for me. I have to say, customer service at FLL knows how to keep a secret! And they wrap up merchandise like Christmas morning. I'm a new FLL fan!

    The bag screams quality and has the "good" smell - a faint fishy good leather smell. It's a lot lighter than I thought, too. That's a big plus for my problem shoulders. I do wish I could add a strap, but it's no biggie.

    I took it to the cobbler today at lunch, forgetting that they were closed on Mondays! Bah! I got her Saturday and don't want to take her out until I get her treated. Yes I'm a spaz!! But I may take her tomorrow for a special occasion and just be careful.

    These photos were taken with my phone. I took nice pix with my digital camera, but can't find the cable necessary to transfer them. I'll update later.

    If it weren't for this forum I wouldn't even know how to find my personal favs of Rebecca Minkoff, or how to get them. I've learned SO much and I love it all.
  2. :yahoo:YAY! Congrats on your beautiful new bag!
  3. Yayyyyy :yahoo: congrats! Gorgeous first RM!
  4. Wow that is very beautiful. Tell me more about the FLL wrapping. I always think that presents are just so much better when you are opening them in beautiful wrapping paper.
  5. Thank you!!! I feel like I finally know what you guys are talking about, first hand.
  6. Beautiful new bag and what a sweet & thoughtful hubby you have!!
  7. Let's see: it was in a classy dark box with a fuchsia ribbon, I think. Inside that was the duster with my little lady tucked within. I'm probably forgetting a detail or two, but Hubby asked them to wrap it specially as a gift, so I'm sure they threw in a few more ribbons. :smile:

    I want to order something else from FLL just to go through the unwrapping experience again. It was a great Bday! Totally unexpected.

    I'm telling you, I thought the Matinee wasn't for me but I became too curious after the raves here. THIS BAG IS FOR EVERYONE!
  8. Congrats!! and Happy Birthday!! :woohoo:
  9. Thanks for the birthday wish! It was a landmark birthday (yuck) but this bag made it all ok.

    I'm serious. Bags can do that. They have that power.
  10. Oooo sounds great. Your hubby really knows how to celebrate!!:heart:
  11. congrats! i have this bag too and i love it! very versatile. happy bday!
  12. Congrats, and happy birthday!!

    PS I love the bag fund idea in your sig =)
  13. Here are better pix, taken by hubby. I'm in my frumpy clothes with a weird hand pose, but just look at that yummy golden color!

    Without flash

    With flash

    Daph, I'm glad you like the fund! I love seeing the balance creep up. It helps me be patient. Sort of.
  14. OMG...that's a beautiful bag! now i'm torn between this glazed almond RM bag and the Botkier Bianca bag in Pearl Cognac. Can you wear the RM bag on your shoulder too? please let me know as it will help me decide which bag to get. thanks!


    With flash

    Daph, I'm glad you like the fund! I love seeing the balance creep up. It helps me be patient. Sort of.[/quote]
  15. You can wear it on your shoulder, but for me, I find that the outer handle of any rolled handle purse always drifts off. I think I have weird shoulders, tho. If you normally wear rolled handles and have no trouble, you will be ok with this one.

    But also ask the other multiple-matinee wearers.

    There was a glazed almond Mat on ebay and I see it wasn't bought. Maybe the seller will relist!