You need to RUN to TJ MAXX!

  1. OMG I have never seen so much COACH at my MAXX! Shoes in front the cute little wedge flip flop style, Flats for dressing up. Satchel bags, and Chelsea Hobo bags.

    I did not BUY a thing -- see below but thought someone might want to check it out.

    I am in Milwaukee, WI
  2. I was just at mine and there wasn't anything new. :sad: Maybe I'll drop by there after work if the new stuff hadn't gone out yet.
  3. I was at mine yesterday and they had one fur trimmed bag which wasn't even cute. Maybe I'll swing by tomorrow.
  4. I need to go check mine out
  5. I'll try to stop by mine too, this one sucks tho.
  6. Mine never has more than a couple Coach bags :sad: You're so lucky.

    haha, sorry, but ever since I saw and tried on the cutest pair of wedges at Target of all the places, I haven't stopped thinking about them and regret not buying them..they were only $23 what was I thinking???
  7. My Tjmaxx has a bunch of dooney and some juicy here and there. I never seem to be able to score any good coach deals.
  8. They have Juicy, Dooney and some older coach styles. I went at 830 the other night and they were putting up all the new stuff for the next day. The shelves were packeeedddd with designer stuff. They put up an endcap of Coach wedge sandals for $99.00 and I was really tempted. There was also a hot juicy bag I was tempted to buy. I got cute plaid rainboots and CK In2You perfume for half off.