You need to get these rude mods in check

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  1. Uhhh, houston we have a problem. Some of the mods are rather rude. They get to enjoy namecalling but jump on anyone else who does it.
    For Example Ramskimmie who I don't care for, called me a troll which I am not.

    Amanda, who I actually like, said my son is acting like a douche (a vaginal cleaning product?) Then closed my thread because it "spiraled out of control" Meaning people were saying it was wrong to call kids douches and so she just figured she'd close it? WTF?
    Don't you have some training for these mods so they can actually be a fair and vital part of your forum??
  2. Oh no...
  3. oh boy...
  4. Its not an "oh boy someone is trying to stir stuff up" thing. It is a serious legit question. Why do mods get to enjoy name calling yet the regular members are supposed to play nice. Sunshine you are a mod, do you take part in this? Where do you moderate at - LV?
  5. i have to agree...rinky is new to the forum and from another thread she wrote she had gotten a warning im guessing it was about name calling but then a MOD actually called her son a douche... then she (mod) says in another post same thread she calls it the way she sees it !? thats name calling and aren't mods suppose to help the forum run smoothly? How can rinky be given a warning about name calling and then have a MOD do the same. So if a pf member think another member is a azz does it make it ok because " thats the way i see it"? :tdown:
    I dont think so

    I would hope if we don't agree on a topic that memebers don't have to resort to insulting members children even if the thread is about a members child
  6. about them Braves?
  7. I mod in LV, the relationship forum, and Coach. I do not believe that the Mods name call. I have not read the threads which you are mentioning so I can not comment. My "oh no" comment was only meant as...well, here we go. If you all have a problem with us. Say it nicely, and we will listen. This does not need to get nasty. If it does it will be closed.
  8. I think I am saying it nicely. I am looking for an answer. And if you don't believe mods name call, well here's the post from Amanda, and remember its not that I am picking on her, I just am not sure why the mods get to take part in behavior that the members can't:
    From Amanda the mod:
    "Hun, your kid is acting like a little douche, and it's time to start taking responsibility for it before he turns into a teenager and starts acting like a GIANT douche. i seriously doubt your SIL would start trouble with you over your son's behavior if she didn't 100% know or believe that he was responsible for the pillows, because if there was a reasonable chance he didn't do it, then it wouldn't be worth the family drama to accuse him.

    try to think about this logically - if you're so sure that he's a little angel, why not take him to the grocery store with you instead of pawning him off on your SIL, who's trying to be nice and do you a favor?"
  9. And heres from Ranskimmie:

    "Dont worry. This person is a troll and causing problems all over Coach. We are working on this problem. Enjoy your thread and....:dftt:"

    She jumped on the troll bandwagon without privately speaking to me and calling me a troll on the Coach forum so right there I am set up to not have a good experience as the other members will be like "She's a troll, Ranskimmie said so"
    So I mean, she needs to tweak her moderating skills or maybe they can give it to someone who actually wants the members to be liked.
  10. I think you should PM Amanda and talk to her about it. I can not speak for her. I do think this should be handled between the two of you and not the whole board.

  11. ^^^Woah! That's totally inappropriate. Period. Mod or civilian, it's inappropriate. No, it's worse because it was a mod!
  12. IF you cause problems on the board it is known as being a troll. Were you causing problems?
  13. rinky...i pmed megs

    it might be best to contact her or vald reguarding mods behavior :yes:
  14. Actually, a troll is someone that signs onto a forum with the express purpose of stirring up controversy, then typically leaves the forum (or get banned).

  15. I don't feel its a private issue, lots of members saw it and probably want to know why its cool for mods to do this.

    I understand sunshine that the mods stick together and like it or not there is a hierarchy.

    I am not interested in a pm or anything from the mod anyway, if she thinks my son is a douche that is her opinion. The question is WHY DO THE MODS GET TO DO THIS?
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