You need a PASSPORT for a U.S. Territory now???

  1. Ok, I am just so annoyed right now. I am leaving for Puerto Rico soon, and I just contacted by phone and they said you only need a license. But on my airline's website, it says you need a passport, so I called them to check that.

    They said, "Let me transfer you to 'International.'" "Okay," I said, "but isn't Puerto Rico part of the United States?" "Yes, it is. Let me transfer you to international." "Okay..." "Yes, ma'am, you do need a passport."

    What is going on here??? I find this so absurd. I am getting all this conflicting information. I am bringing my passport just in case, but does anyone know the correct answer to this? :confused1::cursing:
  2. YEP.U need a passport.I beleive.
  3. :yes: I think so. . . well yes if they said so! LOL!

    We just had to get 3 for my little ones for a Bermuda wedding coming up.
  4. yes..;)
  5. They are getting out of control with this lol. Strange that told me just a license. I don't think anyone knows what they are talking about at these places.
  6. And I searched's site, and it said "The Carribean," and had a list of all the places in the Caribbean, but no mention of Puerto Rico, although it mentioned the other islands and places.

    Anyway, thanks for your responses :smile: It's so hard to find a simple answer sometimes. I had to make 3 separate phone calls, and scoured websites.
  7. No, you do not need a passport for Puerto Rico.

    Swanky was talking about Bermuda, but that is not part of the US so yes, you would need one. For PR you do not.
  8. It sounds a bit strange having to have a passport for another state which is inside the country. Never heard of this before :confused1:
  9. My friend went to Puerto Rico last spring and she did not need a passport. I don't know if the rules have changed since then.
  10. Puerto Rici is not inside of the US
  11. You shouldn't. You don't even need one for Canada right now (even though the airlines keeps insisting you do)!
  12. Originally, a passport was going to be needed starting January 2008. But due to the sudden surge in passport applications (they couldn't handle the load), it's been pushed back to summer 2008.
  13. I'm going to Puerto Rico in April...thank God I won't need a passport...
  14. See, this is what I don't get! I always thought you did not, also. says you do not. But my airline says you do! What right do they have to force that? Two people I asked working there said you needed one.