You need a Cerises Pochette ;)

  1. Yes you do! Allow me to demonstrate...
    mmm. no tan lines yet! woot!
    mmm cherries!!
    Aaaah I love it!
  2. OMG!!! So cute! It looks brand new!
  3. yes, it is virtually brand new :yahoo:
  4. congrats where you get it?
  5. I want speedy real bad!:yes:
  6. Oh how cute! You are on a handbag rampage, ichelle! In a good way, of course! Congrats on another adorable bag!
  7. I was considering buying one of these. Please don't tempt me. :rolleyes:
  8. sooooooo cute! congrats!
  9. btw, you have so many new LV's. I think it's time for a new sig. photo :nuts:
  10. congrats![​IMG] wear her in great health![​IMG]
  11. a good friend sold her to me :smile: i'm so happy!
  12. oh lordy.....ichelle is at it again....the evil LV temptress! :p ok, so the bag looks fantastic!! so new and the macro shots rocks. i'm glad you ended up getting this one. it's lovely!!
  13. Congrats! It look great on ya!
  14. argh, i haven't had time to get them all out lol. i promise to do it soon!! :yes:
  15. Great bag...