You Must Try This

  1. Smashbox Filter with Dremaxyl Complex.

    I’ve never reviewed anything but I have to give this miracle stuff a shout out. I’m 48 and have fine lines between my brows and around my mouth and from nose to mouth. I won this on eBay and was not really expecting too much I’ve been disappointed with products before. But this stuff is amazing!! It comes in a click pen the applicator is sort of rubbery and flexible. I clicked the pen a few times (it took a few clicks to get the pen primed) and smoothed some on all those pesky lines, Holy Cow!
    This completely smoothed out all the fine lines like magic they disappeared and kept my foundation from settling into them and it lasted all day. Just wanted to let you all in on this great product from Smashbox.

    I’m in no way associated with Smashbox.

  2. Hum... I am not there yet but will keep it in mind I suppose...
  3. I'm heading into the thirties, so am beginning to be on the lookout for any and all wrinkle to start early I suppose! Thanks for the advice;)
  4. You should have said attention anyone in their 40's...I am sure many would try this with someone who gives it great reviews
  5. You don't have to be in your 40s to have any lines.... I have two forming between my eyebrows, and I won't be 40 for a couple of years yet. :wondering They appear to carry this at Sephora, I may go have a looksee....
  6. wow, smashing review!
  7. i'll have to tell my mom about it, she has a friend that seems to have tried everything to deal with the fine lines around her lips and nothing seems to help. thanks!
  8. RetinOx by RoC works too, I have "fine lines" - aka incipient wrinkles - and it plumpeed those b4stards out a treat.;)

  9. THanks for the info. Smashbox has another great product called Photo Finish. It is a foundation primer. It fills in fine lines and makes your makeup last all day!