1. Hi Everyone,

    I've posted this before but am posting it again, so please read.

    Publicly accessible links are required to be included with any stories you post here.

    I am not nagging about this for trivial reasons, it is being done so that vlad and megs do not get into trouble for copyright infringement.

    I have seen at least half a dozen threads since yesterday alone that did not have links posted. I simply do not have the time to PM people or remind them they need a link.

    From now on, if you do not have a link sourcing your story, the thread will be CLOSED and/or deleted.

    Sorry to seem heavy handed, but there have been several stickies about this already, so there have been ample reminders.

  2. I'm so sorry.

  3. It's ok Jahpson! We just don't want any problems for vlad and megs in terms of stuff being posted and not cited back to it's source. :yes:
  4. Bumping this up so everyone can see it!
  5. yeah, i'm sorry, too - will do in the future! :yes:
  6. Hmm, maybe this can be stickied for members in the future? I know there's already a sticky on it, but this has it in the title so people can see it at a glance.