You & Mom: 3 ways you're similiar, 3 ways you're different

  1. Same:
    1. We're both polyglots.
    2. We both like the same kind of guys (for me).
    3. We both remember really minute details.

    1. My mom is 5'11" and looked like a model when she was young! I'm only 5'2"
    2. My mom is a domestic goddess and I can't even summon up the tiniest interest in buying a cooking pan.
    3. My mom is really good about being kind when she has the opportunity, rather than indifferent. Which is not to say I'm unkind, but I should be nicer than I am. Maybe that comes with being older!
  2. 1. My Mom and I both apologize for everything all the time lest we might have inadvertently been rude to someone
    2. My Mom and I both have a shopping problem...obviously inherited
    3. My Mom and I are both a bit eccentric

    1. My Mom could never fathom spending over $300 on a bag
    2. My Mom is ALWAYS late...I am always a fault!
    3. My Mom is extremely worried about all sorts of nonsense, and I couldn't be more laid back
  3. 1) Both tough as nails. If we believe in something you can't, and won't, just change our minds.
    2) Both tall. 5'6 for me and like 5'8 for my mom.
    3) We both like the finer things in life. Like, we'd rather get Prada glasses (which we did like 2 months ago) than the regular brands that will just break.

    1) She like clothes that use bold colors and prints, I like more pale and solid things.
    2) She's morely likely to forgive someone who hurt her feels, I most likely will not.
    3) She's not really into exercising in anyway. I used to do dance and now do other exercises.
  4. Same:

    1. We can both talk the hind legs off a donkey
    2. We share the same wicked sense of humour
    3. We can talk openly and honestly about anything


    1. My mum is always stupidly late and never lets anyone know, i am usually early or on time and if i do run late, i always let people know
    2. My mum doesn't always know when to stop talking - i can say goodbye and hang up the phone without having another 55 conversations, she can't..:lol:
    3. My mum always sees the good in people, i'm a bit more cynical
  5. Same:

    1. We both love bargains.
    2. We're both too trusting.
    3. We both don't like owing anyone anything.


    1. I need space and she never seems to need it.
    2. We have different views on how to raise/discipline children.
    3. She's very adventurous and I'm more steady.
  6. Similarities

    1) we both shop over the top
    2) we love the same bags
    3) we are both quick to tell someone off :lol:


    1) She's old skool, i'm new skool
    2) She's very trusting and i am not
    3) She loves classic jewelry (diamonds, etc), I'm into stone jewelry - turquoise, tigers eye, etc.
  7. Same
    1. If we like something we buy it.
    2. We Love to laugh.
    3. We Love to spend as much time as possible together.

    1. She is very forgiving. I hold a gruge for a long time.
    2. She is always early to everything I'm always late or just sliding in on time.
    3. She is always busy doing something, I tend to close my eyes and walk really fast past whatever I don't want to do (lazy)
  8. 1.My mom and I are both style conscious and love to be surrounded by nice things.
    2.We are both curious by nature and ask a lot of questions.
    3.We look a like.

    1. She is afraid of the unknown, and has a hard time trusting people and I am very bold and adventuresome.
    2. She is an introvert and I am outgoing.
    3. She gets the job done and is always on time, I tend to procrastinate and have to work hard at being prompt.
  9. 1. We both Love, love, love handbags
    2. We both drive like maniacs (although, I must say, her driving is far crazier!! The woman is a speed racer!!!!)
    3. We are both take-charge, no-nonsense type of gals (and we both cuss like sailors!!!)

    1. She is fanatically clean, which is why I think I am fanatically messy
    2. She swims and hikes every day and is the most fit 50 yr old woman you will ever meet.....I, on the other hand, am allergic to exercise
    3. She hates gambling, but it's my hobby!!! :lol:
  10. Cool thread, IntlSet!

    We are similar because:
    1. We both love the bands Boston and the Eagles
    2. We are both really tall-- I am 5'10" and she is 5'11"
    3. We are both natural blondes:heart:

    We are different because:
    1. She has a gorgeous tan and I am PALE!!
    2. She loves to cook
    3. She is not really into shopping...she doesn't hate it, but it is not a passion for her like it is for me!!!:lol:
  11. Coming up with 3 similars is hard for me! We are sooooo different. If I didn't look so much like my mom, I'd swear I was adopted. :P

    1. We both love to sit down and share a bottle of wine and nosh in the afternoon.
    2. We both love to shop.:heart:
    3. We both love to try new restaurants or foods.

    1. If she likes a movie or book - I will hate it. And vice-versa.
    2. She is very elegant and refined -- dresses beautifully. (People always think she is "Somebody" when we're out.) I prefer jeans and a shirt.
    3. Everybody loves her and people gravitate towards her. Most people think I am stuck-up. (but I'm really not!) :blah:
  12. Same:
    1. We are both into details. We check everything until it's perfect.
    2. We both believe in hard work and dedication.
    3. We're both very sensitive emotionally.
    1. We have opposite taste in clothing, bags, and shoes (most of the time)
    2. My mom is more polite and easy to work with. I am usually quick to speak my mind when I'm upset (this has gotten me into so much trouble Lol!)
    3. We have extremely different views on love – she is more sensible and I am more impulsive.
  13. 1. We are tall (I'm 5'9 and she is 5'10)
    2. We LOVE books
    3. We like history, english, travel, interior design...

    1. She is athletic and has been playing competitive tennis for 47 years
    2. She is very poised and articulate
    3. She can cook, bake, and sew
  14. Same:

    *We're both short (she's 5 foot nothing & I'm 5'2")
    *We both like scary movies
    *We both hate to cook


    *We have completely different tastes in clothing, bags, etc. (she'd die if she knew what I spent on bags! ;) )
    *Our decorating styles-she's "country", I'm super modern
    *I'm more adventuresome & she is afraid of getting out of her element
  15. What a great idea for a thread!


    1. We both are very reliable/responsible for our friends and family.
    2. We both have trouble keeping secrets!
    3. We are both petit. She 5' 1", and me, 5' 2".


    1. She obsesses over money, I say easy come, easy go.
    2. She believes in all those old wives tales (if you go outside with wet hair you'll get sick), I don't believe in any of them.
    3. She likes long trips in a car, I hate them.