You Modeling Your Guccis NO CHAT PLEASE!

  1. :yahoo:I love Gucci!!:yahoo:

  2. Gucci snow boots...
  3. here are my gucci's

    first up, gucci abbey first gucci..but I sold her :sad: kinda miss her.

    my large gucci chain hobo (horsebit) in black leather. Loove it..don't use her enough..but i love it!

    missing: my medium tan leather chain horsebit hobo and my monogram chain horsebit hobo
    th_DSC07108.jpg th_DSC07109.jpg th_DSC04695.jpg th_DSC04693.jpg th_DSC04694.jpg
  4. My Gucci diaper messenger bag
    Photo 1239.jpg
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    this is when i got my first gucci back in 2007 - floral peggy messenger... :p
  6. vintage Gucci!
  7. [​IMG]

    Your whole outfit is so pretty peri


    Bless! :p
  8. :smile:Vintage Gucci web-stripe.
  9. [​IMG]
  10. *Vintage Web* medium boston bag with signature web detail.:smile:
    CIMG0288.jpg CIMG0284.jpg
  11. Vintage boston.
  12. New Jackie!
    DSC05772.JPG DSC05771.JPG
  13. My 4th of July look:
  14. I think we need some bigger pics ;)

    paulabamboo that is quite a bag you have there


    No wonder you like the Boston so much mzbag, it suits you well, elegant and practical


  15. [​IMG]

    Medium Sukey in Black Guccissima