You Modeling Your Guccis NO CHAT PLEASE!

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    Please use this thread to show pics modeling your Gucci bags..

    NO CHITCHAT PLEASE..For reference ONLY!


  2. this is my daughter, completely corrupted by non other than yours truly:nuts:
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  3. My black wave hobo...
  4. With my first Gucci!! :yahoo:
    Coach sunnies_rosabel sandals_and new gucci.JPG Galleria Milano_new gucci.JPG
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    finally a modelling pic of my gucci duchessa hobo.
    for reference, i am 5'1" and around 112 lbs.
  6. My hubby, modelling my Gucci Bag. LOL!
  7. heehee! I love it when men model our bags. I made my dad model one of mine today..he even twisted his hips a little and pouted LOL. My bags look good on everyone:p
  8. Gucci Suede Tote (smaller size) from Fall '06
    red and black (velvet?) strip down the middle with monograms embossed on the suede. Black leather trim. I tried selling this bag but now I realize that I really like it! I'm glad it didn't sell:heart:
    nee 022.jpg nee 023.jpg nee 024.jpg
  9. 'britt' medium boston bag sand guccissima leather with white/gold/white signature web, sand leather trim, and light gold hardware.
    2007 Cruise Collection
    nee 014.jpg nee 019.jpg nee 020.jpg nee 021.jpg
  10. 'britt' medium shoulder bag
    brown leather with green/red/green signature web and light gold hardware.
    fall'06 (or thats when I got it anyway)

    **tried selling this one as well but again after modeling I've realized I :heart: it!

    As with all of them please excuse the boots that don't match, I was doing all my bags at least they're gucci too!
    nee 025.jpg nee 026.jpg nee 027.jpg nee 028.jpg
  11. Peggy medium top handle bag w/dark brown leather trim
    Spring '07
    nee 030.jpg nee 031.jpg nee 032.jpg nee 033.jpg nee 034.jpg
  12. ^^ one more
    nee 035.jpg
  13. Here's mine.

    My first Gucci bag Peggy Large.
    389006998_119da02394_m (1).jpg 389006938_811b6dc841_m.jpg DSCN3369.JPG 4.JPG 5.JPG
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  14. The proud two that I own.....

    -Gucci Guccissima Silver Abbey (My favorite!)
    -Gucci Hobo with Bamboo Rings (My second favorite!)
    IMG_1380.JPG IMG_1381.JPG
  15. royal top handle bag