You might want to block this buyer?

  1. This bidder buys and ships for international buyers. They have a verified Paypal account with confirmed shipping address, and uses the real buyer's credit card to pay for the winning item. Then a month or 2 later, the chargeback rolls in.

    Check out how many auctions they've bidded in one month?

    and the negatives they've received here:
  2. thankyou so much! Added to bbl
  3. yet another reason why I dont ship overseas.
  4. Oh geez and it's a variety of stuff too...I'm blocking them as well.
  5. whoa, that is crazy!
  6. DONE! Thanks for the heads up.:tup:
  7. oh i would like very much to block them, how do i do that? i cant find it as an option,,, thanks!
  8. Thanks, def. will block him :nogood:
  9. Thank you for letting us know -blocked as well:nogood:
  10. That's insane.

    I think your thread title is a little too polite in dealing with this person :p!
  11. did you see that he seems to buy ALOT!! seems that he has way too much feedback each day and that is a real sign that there has to be TROUBLE! or, he has ALOT of cash to waste! got him blocked as well, thanks so much for the tip!
  12. log into your on site map under the sell catagory click on Blocl/bidder list just had the name there:tup:

    thanks for posting i blocked them
  13. Thanks beejerry!
  14. Yikes! Thanks so much for the heads-up!
  15. Uh oh, I think I recognize that ID. :sad: