You Might Be A Chanel Addict If...

  1. Not sure if theres already a thread like this but I borrowed this from the CL forum :smile:

    You might be a Chanel addict if you want the Reissue and classic flaps in every size and color :p

    You might be a Chanel addict if you're impatiently waiting to spend $3000 on the new Maxi...
  2. Hi my name is Sophie and I am addicted to Chanel
  3. You might be a CHANEL addict if:

    1.) You have bags sitting unused, with the price tags still on, WITH matching
    wallets and make-up cases inside them, on display in your bedroom.

    2.) You buy a new CHANEL bag instead of replacing your oven, which
    will NOT keep an accurate temperature.
  4. I'm none of the above but I think I'm still an addict as I surf eBay, Bonanzle and PurseForum at least twice a day to see which bag should be my next purchase.
  5. LOL...if you ever need a new home for those unused, lonely bags...LEMME KNOW!! :graucho:
  6. You might be a Chanel addict if you:

    1. hide your purchases from DH/boyfriend

    2. look through your bag collection and suddenly find something you forgotten you had
  7. This is sooo me down to a T!!!:p
  8. I know I am a Chanel Addict because I live and think about my Chanel bags every day.
  9. Well, I am mostly an LV addict but I will say: You might be a Chanel addict if you have to ask your DH to move out of your huge walk in closet so that there is enough room for all of your bags to rest comfortably!
  10. ^^ :roflmfao:
  11. would giving your newly acquired bag a hug occasionally counts as a sign of addiction?
  12. that once in a while (actually more often than you'd like to admit) you would take your Chanel collections out, admire them, and feel content with life (at least for that moment)...
  13. Would taking your CC bags out of their careful wrapping, stroking them, checking them for any possible faults that occurred to them while 'nesting', then putting them back unworn count as a sign of CC bag addiction?
  14. You might be a Chanel Addict if

    1. You have the all the local boutiques nos or email addresses on yr iphone
    2. You go in Chanel "just to have a look"
    3. The SAs know your name and vice versa.
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    you might be a chanel addict if...

    ok, a confession...

    you're looking for other ways and means -- personal loan included! -- to fund more chanels amidst you're un-zeroed credit card bills, thus, going into deep deep debt! ...extreme, i know :faint: