You May Want to Rethink Selling Your Pre-Loved Coach on eBay...

  1. I was just reading in the eBay forum about the new changes taking place at eBay. Sometimes I know we end up selling our preloved Coach bags to make room for new ones, but these changes have me seriously considering never using eBay again.

    For example, sellers can now only leave POSITIVE feedback for buyers...regardless of whether they fulfill their end, respond, etc. There are several changes that are very detrimental to eBay sellers, and I've only sold a few things from my collection in the past and this is going to make me seriously rethink things.

    On the plus side, this may make us think more clearly about what bags we end up buying because it sounds like eBay is going to be a real PITA for anyone wanting to sell anything. For me, it's just not worth it. I'll give 'em to my mom, sisters or friends and be more careful since I don't see eBay as a route for my preloved stuff anymore.

    Check out the thread...

  2. Yes, I saw this. I frequently sell on Ebay, and I thought it sounded like the people that came up with this must be on something!!! I thought they were supposed to try to prevent fraud, not endorse it!! This will probably just make the "switcheroo" more common (i.e.... I ship a real bag, and you ship a fake back to me and file a claim..and there's nothing I can do about it!). Also supposedly in some cases, Paypal will withhold your money either till the buyer leaves positive, or 21 days have passed. Excuse me, but where does the SELLER'S policy of "no returns" come into play here??? It's already bad enough if they pay with paypal anyway, since paypal always sides with the buyer no matter what the situation is. This nice little set of changes is just inviting all sorts of additional problems for the SELLERS!! As a long time seller on Ebay, I am personally offended, especially after having to deal with the hacker problems and fraudulent buyers over the last year that I have had to deal with...wasting MANY of my precious hours that I don't have!!:tdown:

    I would say it's time to explore other venues, like ioffer and overstock, although it's assumed that most bags are fake there, so I imagine profits will be much less than on Ebay. Sigh...the problems never end, do they??? I'm bummed!!! :crybaby:
  3. Thanks for the info~~I'm gonna go read it...
  4. Here's my plan:

    1. Goodwill and family now get all my goodies,
    2. Will send a letter voicing displeasure but I can't find ANY contact info available on eBay's site (somehow this doesn't surprise me),
    3. Was considering a Coach purchase and have now nixed it because I wasn't 100% sure of the bag and it would require selling an old one to make room.
    4. Going to use my precious time enjoying the bags I have and doing other things, and
    5. Will watch with great pleasure when eBay's stock drops like a stone.

    I hate to sound so cranky but one of my pet peeves (aside from mean people) is stupid business practices.:tdown:
  5.'s my problem: I purchase a presale item on eBay...I noticed on Jan 6th that he had another one listed (non-presale). I contacted him and he said vendor was closed until 6th and "it was on its way". (the seller and I live in same state) Then I contacted on Jan 18th and was told "you should have it any day". Then I emailed again on 24th and his wife responded that her husband had emergency surgery while out of town, but she will run to his shop to see what happened. So I emailed again on 27th because I noticed that everyday feedback is being left. He emailed and said that's because he is out of town on his laptop and he will be back on Wednesday. Okay...well today I emailed again and this time asked him to cancel the transaction and refund my money. I haven't heard from him yet. I told him that I have been buying and selling since 2002 and have never had this problem. Anyway...he gives retalitory negs. There have been three negs to him due to no ships since I ordered and he blames them. One of his negs say " ordered while I was on vacation". Anyway...even IF I get the item...why should I leave him a pos? Oh yeah...because he will give me a neg. I feel like I am being held hostage. I have never been given and neg and I have never had to give one. IDK
  6. I'm so sorry you had to deal with such a lousy experience. Why can't people just tell the truth and be done with it? :shrugs:

    I can ceratinly sympathize with dealing with a lousy seller, but these changes are so one sided; there are no real protections for the seller and with the increased fees (if you do the math) it makes me wonder why anyone will bother trying to sell stuff? I just think this whole thing is going to explode.

    eBay and Paypal do have a history and reputation for siding with the buyers so there are still those protections. I mean, I don't use it often but this has made me not want to use it at all. I always make sure to respond to questions promptly, pack things carefully and include insurance in my shipping fee. I mean, I'd be so worried now that someone would hold me hostage after getting my bag and I couldn't do anything about it. :tdown:

    There are many people who are starting a protest of no eBay activity during the month of February, and I am on board with it. I'm off FeeBay for awhile now. My wallet will be thanking me. :tup:
  7. OMG... I have been a seller on ebay for over 5 years now, most the time I have had Excellent buyers... just a few bad apples. I cant believe ebay is doing this. What do we sellers do to those that dont pay, waste our time and listing and final value fees PLUS shouldnt other sellers be alert to whom they are dealing with when it comes to dead beats. If we were not for the sellers listing and final value fees ebay would not be making any money BECAUSE if I got my ducks in a roll which I do... when I win some thing I dont owe ebay any thing so its the sellers they get the loot from. This is the very reason I stopped using paypal as payment is because they protect the buyer more than the seller. I once sold a MINT LV cite and the lady had it over two months, filed a charge back and still had the bag... she did send it back but paypal did not care what kind of proof or any thing that I had, she was wrong HONESTLY and so were paypal. UGGGGGGGGG this burns my bubble and if it is going to be this way then so be it, I too will be glad to see ebay lose $$$ and will make sure I love love my things 100% to keep for a long time instead of having to deal with them. Also ebay stopped letting sellers accept Google checkout * WHY* because they own paypal and every one was sick of paypals policy and was using Google and they were losing $$$ . SORRY had to join the venting going on because I just got out all my bags yesterday, took a group shot and was letting some go but now I am not sure about that. SIGH
  8. But if I pay right away and the seller doesn't hold to his side why should I be left a neg? I didn't do anything. But if I don't pay, then I can be left a neg. That seems fair to me.
  9. Ok, I'm back to vent more... :smile:

    I have also been hit by scams when purchasing on Ebay. I bought a bag that turned out to be a listing (stolen pics and all) from a hijacked account, and I didn't know that till too late AND Ebay pulled the trans. as fraudulent. I paid by paypal to the newly created account once the hacker got into the person's ebay acct and changed the info. Ok, Ebay knew it was fraudulent and contacted me! It still took the USELESS paypal people almost 3 months to return the money to me..even though their partner Ebay pulled the auction within hours of my paying (I always pay immediately). What made it complicated is that the scammer shipped a fake bag (not the same one in the listing), and my DH didn't know any better and signed for it. At MY expense, I had to ship it off to Coach NY for proof that it was a fake, despite my sending pics of the entire packaging and bag. They were the most useless and incompetent set of idiots that I have dealt with..they even cancelled my claim at first because I had "received" the item, and I had to refile after hours on the phone with them. I probably would have gotten a refund quicker through a credit card chargeback rather than paypal, but I had figured that it would be quicker this way since Ebay already flagged it as a fraud.

    So I have been on both sides of the coin, buying and selling, but since I have been selling, I feel that it's very one-sided against the sellers (or for the most part more is done to protect the buyer). There was a period of time before I started requiring immediate pay that hackers took my auction down so many times, I couldn't keep up with it. ANd...Ebay was not refunding my final value fees like they were supposed to in those cases, and I looked like an idiot to potential buyers who wondered WHY I kept relisting items. I even got sympathy mail from buyers who said, you "poor thing, I'll buy from you"..if you sell to me at a ridiculously low price. SO....after Ebay was threatened with a lawsuit, they quickly refunded mine and some other seller's fees back overnight (literally). I find them completely incompetent to deal with when you have a problem, and paypal is even worse with the chargeback issue. I do think both the seller and buyer should be protected, but excuse me, you DON'T allow someone to wait 60 days before filing a claim! It should be no more than 48 hours after proof of receipt of an item (based on tracking info). I have had more problems with buyers than I have with actual buying on Ebay, but I am careful when I buy after that one horrible scam. I also know that Coach is putting pressure on Ebay to remove sellers from selling Coach, and there have been some dirty tactics associated with that that I have no respect for..on Coach's part or Ebay's part.

    However, all that said, I have met some of the absolutely most wonderful people on Ebay, and many have come back to buy more later on!! I would say most people are honest, but unfortunately, it's the few bad apples that we remember sometimes the most!

    It also worries me with the new changes that the sabotage stuff between competitors is going to be worse. I know some sellers who have been victim of scams where a competitor has unleashed her friends to bid on auctions, just to not pay or pay and then get the item, damage it on purpose, and then leave neg. feedback. This happens a lot with antiques especially. I always worry about this when I deal with a hormonal nut job, and there are definitely some.... I always try to block the bidder any time I see a potential problem, but this new Ebay thing opens up a whole new can of worms. I hope they revise some of these policies!! Otherwise, I fear I too will join in the group that "gives up" on Ebay!!

    Whew...ok, thanks for letting me vent...I think I need a nap now!!:smile:
  10. I can see this BUT what if you?buyer didnt pay and leave the seller a false negative that their item was fake, worn, etc and they can not defend themselves... how fair is that to the seller, the one whom they make the %%% from??? Its all the dishonest people that make it terrible for every one :tdown:
  11. Oh, I can't shut up just yet... YES, as the other poster is more than often not used inappropriately and strictly for "revenge". But if one side is allowed feedback, then both should be...unless someone has one an unpaid claim, and then I think the seller does not deserve neg. but the buyer does. Sometimes you have to "read between the lines" with feedback anyway. Like I have one negative from a real "problem" person, and I would hope that the fact she's been suspended, that should be a hint to a potential buyer! :smile: I also look at the overall rating and reputation when I look at buying from a potential seller. I don't think any system is perfect, so I don't know how you would change the feedback system to actually reflect what it's intended to reflect. I just think that Ebay is taking this to the extreme of the point that "the customer is always right". That's definitely not always the case!!
  12. It is hard to see the good point to this change when it is SCREAMING "come and take advantage of me as a seller" And I suppose the email I received regarding lower insertion fees and free gallery listing is suppose to make it all better :hysteric::lol: That is a joke seeing as how the sellers are now going to have to jack up their listing fees even more to compensate with the loss they are going to be taking due to these BRILLIANT new changes:rolleyes:
    I have to agree with the post saying they will happily watch Ebay's stock fall like a rock! I will be watching the stock exchange on tv eating popcorn when that happens :popcorn:This makes me think of the movie, Trading Places, with Eddie Murphy and Dan Ackroid :yes:

    I better get rid of what I have left to sell on ebay before this takes effect. I guess Craigslist is going to be my new home :idea:
  13. Thanks for the NYT link...I hadn't seen that!
  14. Well then that should be removed. But quite honestly that rarely happens. But a huge percentage of sellers leave retalitory negs. (I think this is the main reason this is created) If it were me, I would just say I screwed up instead of trying to make the buyer look like they're crazy.

    When I sell I try to give my buyers the best service possible. Because that's how you run a successful business. If I make a mistake I will admit it.