You made me buy this! BELTED ERGO!!! You KNOW who you are!! Come look...*PICS*!!!!!

  1. :yahoo:SOOOOOOOO..........with all of the gorgeous pics of these belted leather ergos, especially someone who JUST bought the plum leather belted ergo tote (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!! LOL), I caved and bought one this AM!!!!!!! I am sooooooooooooo EXCITED to share my pics w/ all of you!!! Here she is:
    unwrapping her....
    all opened up!!!
    Her "back"...
    Her shoulder strap...I LOVE the detail on this bag!!!
    and modelling!!!!
    I was taking the pic in the mirror in my family room, and I was standing on the couch!! I almost FELL OFF!!! LOL I took off my sweater b/c it was too hard to take the pic on the couch w/ the heavy sweater (PS: it was 20 degrees this AM!!!! HEAT WAVE!!!! LOLOL)
    and from the front:
  2. YAY!!! That is so pretty. I love how it looks on you.
  3. Absolutely stunning!!!! :drool: Wear it proud mommyville, you deserve it!!! :yahoo:
  4. Congrats, she looks absolutely gorgeous on you!

    I'm lovin' all your new bags!!!
  5. THANKS EVERYONE!!!!!!! She is a great "new addition" to my collection!!!!!!
  6. Very cute. Love the rich chocolate color.
  7. Beautiful! It looks perfect on you!
  8. Thanks and a SPECIAL thanks to LAURENASHLEY85 for posting pics of YOUR BEAUTIFUL new plum leather belted ergo tote!!!!!!! YOU enabled me, along w/ a few others, to make this purchase!!! I am sooooooooo EXCITED!!!!!
  9. Mommyville....I have that bag too...the color is TABACCO...I love is such a unique will get lots of compliments!!! ENJOY HER!!!
  10. Mommyville, that bag is gorgeous! You look beautiful carrying it on your shoulder.
    Congrats! You know that brown is my favorite color. You rock that bag!
  11. She's a real beauty Mommyville!! :tup: Congrats on adding ANOTHER great bag to your collection!! :graucho: ;)
  12. Oh I am SO glad you got this bag! It's beautiful!!! I love to enable :0)

    Enjoy it :yahoo:
  13. It is GORGEOUS on you! I'm really lovin' that tobacco color! CONGRATS!!:yahoo:
  14. very pretty!
  15. YES!!! It's the Tobacco leather belted ergo!! I ALSO have the chocolate signature ergo hobo!!!!!!!! I LOVE ERGO!!!!