You Made A Photographers Day Nicole!! Sigh !!!

  1. Well at least she looks happy in this pic :rolleyes:
    270430215_0bd5900e3e nicole.jpg
  2. I am sorry but this picture really grosses me out. Blech! LOL She is just not sexy at all.
  3. The rearview photo is a little much!
  4. :yucky: syntagma, you couldn't have said any better....
  5. Please tell me those pics are photoshopped! Her extremities are so thin!
  6. She does appear happy in these pictures.
  7. i loove her top :heart: .... but eew look at how thin is her arm:sick: and her thong, its just :sick:
  8. ewwwwwwwww! I hate it when people show their thong-intentionally or not!
  9. I swear the photos have been photoshopped to make her look thinner. I can tell because there is no natural shading on the sides of her arms.
  10. That Is Disgusting.
  11. Holy cow she's thin !
  12. :sick:
    poor nicole!
  13. It has got to be irritating for her as well to constantly have the world picking you apart. Enough is enough that is a picture that did not have to be released to the public.
  14. I agree, it's so disgusting. ew :wtf:
  15. The little picture in the circle, she looks so cute there.