You love your bag, but....

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  1. is there something you'd like to change to make it even lovelier?

    Or was there one small thing that kept you from buying that dream bag?

    (not counting the price of the bag :amuse: )

    For me, I adore my LV Manhattan PM, but wish it had little feet so that I could set it down and not fret over whether the surface was dirty, wet, etc. I don't think little feet would look out of place on that bag.

    And then, I really liked the MJ Blake, but one of the straps kept falling off my shoulder.
  2. I'd only change the prices ;) Ooops, I didn't read the directions completely. Well, I still would change the prices! Can't I just move the decimal point over :P
  3. ^^ LOL, I second that!
  4. Yes, def the price. I also wish my Manhattan had feet. I wish my white bag didn't dirty so easily!!!!
  5. I wish they could dirt-proof the corners of my celine boogie bags. They're the first place to get blackish.
  6. I wish that LV zippers would pull more easily...It always seems like it's tough to get the zipper going and keep it going.
  7. I wish that my black MJ Stam bag was softer,slouchier...less structured.I love the edginess of it,but it would have been cheekier and less...ladylike if it were slouchier.
  8. I don't have a Paddy but I love the feel and slouchy quality of the leather. Love the colors too. I wish there was a Paddy that was designed without the ugly padlock. I'd buy it in a minute. They could call that version the Paddyless.
  9. I wish my baby paddy had longer handles so that I could slip it over my shoulder... Very thin girls can, so maybe problem exists on user and not on bag ;)
  10. :lol:

    The padlock is removable :P . (passionate paddy owner,incl lock,here. But I am considering buying the pocket paddy in black and I must say that the thought of owning TWO enormous padlocks keeps the urge at bay...)
  11. I'm pretty happy with the three bags I use the most.

    I had to LOL though about the feet because I H-A-T-E them on bags. By the time you put stuff in there, it'll probably sag just enough that part of the leather will be touching whatever surface you put it on. When I see a bag with the little feet, I notice the feet and not the bag.
  12. I admit that I have some of the same concerns...sometimes wishing that a particular bag had feet, or something else more functional. I find that despite my reservations, I usually buy the bag anyway. :shame:
  13. Price, that's it.
  14. Ohh--I think it'd be nice if the MJ Ursala Elise came with a strap like the Stam. I think it could maybe look good....
  15. Oooh that's a good one!

    Me too, I don't like the prices of bags.;)