You love the DAMIER, you love the PIANO... It's for you !

  1. Cute.
  2. Very nice!
  3. Beautiful!! Is that authentic??
  4. Nice bag.
  5. Wow - that is very cute! There was a post awhile back with Beyonce's Damier Cabas Alto. I never like the Damier until I joined the PF - now it is definitely growing on me!
  6. Sooo cute.. and this is a PF member too ! :biggrin:

    I'd have to say, I'm a little more enamoured with the MC Gracie also up for sale.
  7. Wow! I didn't know that..guess it is authentic then!
  8. Wow, it's really pretty! I hope someone snatches it fast!
  9. That bag is gorgeous :love: Someone asked about authenticity yesterday - yep, it's real, the seller is a PF member :amuse:
  10. No worries with Damier. It's good w/ rain. Trust me, I use mine in this sucky weather, lol.
  11. Love that!
  12. Wow, the group pics are so beautiful.
  13. So nice! I love the Damier. I'm glad that the seller is a PF member!