You Look Mahvelous

  1. I hope it is OK to start this thread. Mods please delete it if you want. I have been looking in the Members Items thread and there are so many fabulous new pictures I wanted to comment on so I thought, I will just start and thread a comment on them here. (When I was trying to think of a title for this thread that Billy Crystal song just kept playing in my head. Now I can't stop singing it.)

    Kristie F.: I love your new Kelly. You look smashing in your jeans, heels and jacket. Quick question, what size are those pearls you are wearing? I love them and would love to have something similar.

    Crochetbella: You look beautiful. I love how versatile the Evelyn is and that color is fantastic. I especially like what you have done with the pocket square, very creative. I hope you get your Kelly soon, I can't wait to see you with it.

    Fedsu: That is a great picture of you, I love your casual elegance. Your Kelly is so pretty and looks great on you.

    HiHeels: You are smashing. I love your hair, I wish mine looked like that. I am growing it long but it just looks stringy. Your bag is fabulous, how much does it hold? I can't wait until you too have a Kelly and I will stick around here as long as it takes until I see you with it.
  2. Perfect thread!
  3. Thank you Diana! You are so sweet!!! :heart: :flowers:
  4. I think we need to see the pics referenced, too!
  5. DITTO, DITTO!!!:party: LADIES, YOU ALL LOOK GORGEOUS!!:girlsigh:
  6. dianagrace...thanks for the thread!! I always want to comment but can' frustrating!

    ET...if we include pics won't this thread be too long?
  7. OH YES!!! This is a wonderful thread!!!! I'm all for it!!!
  8. Thanks, DG, now I have that song stuck in my head!!!

    My Pearls are from Paspaley - Australian South Sea Pearls. They are a graduated strand of silver whites, the smallest being 9mm - the largest ones, 13.5mm. There are 33 in total. HTH......They were a gift from DH for the birth of DD #1.....I'm in the precess of buying the matching earrings for DD#2!!!!!! I LOVE South Sea Pearls!!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  9. Yes, I agree!!! Everyone looks FABULOUS, esp. accompanied by H
  10. well jehaga hit the nail on the head there.

    kristie's pearls are just perfect with her bag. everything is glowing.

    loved crochetbella modeling the different ways to wear her bag.

    fesdu already knows how i feel about her bag - and i also loved her cute kitty face.

    diana, what i loved most of all was what you said about sticking around for my eventual acquisition. made me feel warm and fuzzy. re. the hair, well that's pretty funny. i finally have wash-and-go hair, but it took 30 years and finding the right hairdresser. (i'm kind of passionate about haircare,cuts, etc. i've even read and written for the trade magazines). first time i've ever had long hair too. was always short before. enough about hair.

    thank you to anyone who has or will post body shots. they are just about the most fun ever.
  11. Only pics of the items we are commenting we don't have to go track them down in another thread. I think the convenience would outweight any length issues. What does everyone think? :shrugs:
  12. i think i would have to take new pictures. :lol:
  13. LOL HiHeels and thanks for your sweet comments! Thanks everyone!

    I think pics would be a great idea. I wanna see more pics so get clicking ladies! :lol:
  14. ^^^ your wish is granted.
    luccibag - great pose!
  15. Lucci, hot Kelly!!!! Hey I think we have the same bed. :lol: