You likey?? me likey.. my second latest acquisitions of 3!

  1. HI all...

    now that i've finaaaallly found a new camera.. (RIP my old fuji f401.. you served me well...) here are my 3 second latest acquisitions.. (few more new ones coming soon..those will be the latest)

    so here's to Living on LOVE and AIR alone. no money for food..

    The Ladies....
    2005 Turqoise Work
    2004 Pink Metallic HOliday CITY
    White fendi spy with Black lizard trim!
  2. OOOooooo!!!! I love the group shot!

    My fave is the work :smile: :smile:

  3. Wow!!! Beautiful bags - congratulations!!! LOVE all of them!
  4. Me likey too!
  5. :love: :love: :love: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. what do u mean no money for food?
  7. hmm.. i mean.. i've forked out cash for too many purchases this month that i have no money left for food..

    so i'll be surviving on air and love alone? (love for my bags and the air in the atmosphere..)
  8. congratulations! :smile:
  9. nice! nice! congrats!!!
  10. wow! what a haul! congrats! i love your spy and pink city!
  11. thank you thank you.. =) glad you like them... =)
  12. love your work and that metallic is to die for!
  13. Wow that's a gorgeous collection! I'm not sure which one I love the most, they're all so fab!!!
  14. That's a rocking collection!! :love:
  15. :love: :love: i love ur turquoise:love: :love: i want it... i REALLY want it!!! :lol: congrats on ur new bags... WOW! totally digging that SPY! :amuse: thanks for sharing ur pics with us!!!