You ladies have made me obsessed lol!!! which b-bag for college?

  1. OMG, I am obseesed already with these bags, i can't stop touching mine lol. So naturally I need a b-bag to tote around my books at school. Do you think the purse or the part-time would be better for that? Or are there any other styles you think you would be better?
  2. Definitely not the purse for toting books, too small and no shoulder strap. Technically it's bigger than the City but it's harder to get into and not as great for lugging stuff. At this point I'd say Part Time but of course haven't seen it yet!
  3. What about the courier?
  4. I'd go for Shopper/Shopping (the tote with open top), City (if your books aren't so thick & heavy), or Courier
  5. ^^^ Agree With hat!
  6. I'd say a Courier or a Work...
  7. I say work. My work require me to carry a binder full off journal articles. It will be perfect.
  8. Courier or part time, both have straps...
  9. I was going to say work. However I know how school is and I need a shoulder strap. So if you can get a part time when they come out, get it.
  10. i think I really am going to want the part time once it comes out...i'm an english major so most of the books i carry are small novels and then just a notebook
  11. yeah a WORK would be great for college or a COURIER - depending on how much stuff you carry around... or maybe even a HOBO/DAY.... 0o00o what colour are you hoping to get???
  12. I'd suggest the hobo/day or the city even... If you just carry a few small notebooks and paperbacks then they would fit in a city I think... if you have small arms the work would fit over your shoulder too!
  13. I'd say the part-time, courier or City - depends on how many books you need to carry. I use my City for work, and it's a perfect size for my folders, papers and small books. I like the option of having a shoulder strap too. For school, you might need the other two, which are a little bigger.
  14. That case, part time will totally work!
  15. i'm torn between the two, i'm 5'2 small frame i'm looking for a roomy and comfy bag for college but i can't decide, there are no stores that carry balenciaga bags here so i'm ordering it. any opinions?