You ladies have done it again, now I want a Kelly!!!

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  1. I just check out the Hermes thread for scarves, because I've started to wear neck scarves to work and now I'm thinking that a black Kelly would be a great investment. Timeless and elegant. I can't think of another design that has more staying power. I'm a smaller purse girl, so I think a Birkin would be too big for me, i.e. I'm ordering a Medium YSL Muse, rather than the Large or XL.

    Hmmm, what's the best leather to get the Kelly in? And its about 6k retail? Worth the savings to get one used? I'm pretty Ebay paranoid lately.

    Is there a waiting list usually on these? I wouldn't want to buy it until my raise either this fall or in the spring (not sure when its coming, but its coming). I don't want to use my savings, I'd rather save up for it separately.

    Ok tell me how much you love your Kellys! And do people really notice? I'm in DC, so I think people would. Although I've only seen one Birkin in my neighborhood.
  2. Yay, another future Kelly owner! I am currently saving for mine. :biggrin: Someday! I am not sure yet what leather I would want. I really like them all so I guess whatever comes my way when I have the savings. I think the box Kelly that I saw in SF was around $5,000. The SA said that there is no waiting list, you have to be at the right place at the right time and if they have one you need to jump on it. :amuse:
  3. Hi Winternight! Join the Kelly club! It's a gorgeous bag and well worth the money and the wait. I have a 32cm togo leather and while I love, love, love it, I can already see that another Kelly is in my future...something smaller (probably a 28cm) and in a more rigid leather but I'm not sure about Box (might be too formal in the Kelly for my neck of the woods). I'm thinking that you will probably need to save about $5,500 + depending on the leather and size you choose. But no matter what, it will be worth it absolutely! I look at eBay a's very, very hard to buy on-line because the majority of what you see is fake....but, the girls on this forum will be happy to help authenticate anything you see so you'll be safe if you choose to buy off eBay.:yes:
  4. I think a black Kelly is a great choice, very classic looking. As far as leathers go, I think it is just a personal preference. Mine is togo which I really like, it is heavy but I believe it is more durable than some of the other leathers. I also think box and chevre leather are beautiful choices for a Kelly.

    I have only had one person say something to me about my bag, an SA at Neiman Marcus told me how much he liked it, but other than that no one seems to notice. I am taking her to New York this weekend though so maybe people will notice it there.
  5. Talking about black Kellys, I hardly ever use mine, I find it a bit too formal although it's souple... would you guys wear it as an every day bag with jeans for example ? Give me your thoughts 'cause I'd like to use it but never get around to it...:flowers:
  6. Oh I'm sure it will be noticed in NYC! I've definitely seen some bags in NYC, especially in the Upper East Side and also in Soho. I was just in NYC's Hermes two weeks ago, but I wasn't looking at purses, just scarves and bracelets - btw. they were surprisingly out of things, I think maybe because they'll be getting in fall items soon?

    I like the idea of a durable leather, so maybe I'll look into the togo. I'm in DC and I think people will notice here, I see quite a few Hermes scarves around, a friend even found one outside on a bush! (Can you imagine?).
  7. I used my Cyclamen Kelly on Friday with a Lacoste Polo and a pair of jeans and heels and it looked great. It's not for everyday use i think.
  8. Yes! Join us!!! A kelly bag is beautiful, timeless and classic - it will last forever - the problem is it's hard to pick which one! I personally love the way Hermes does color so I've enjoyed picking out colored bags - I am one that has had very good luck with e-bay...but I would strongly advise running anything you might find by the gals here to help verify it's an authentic bag! Once you're hooked, you're hooked!
  9. Duna - wear that bag! Take it out and wear it with EVERYTHING! Especially in Rome where you will look tres chic (oops, that French). This is exactly what I'm planning for mine...whenever it shows up...wear it everyday with jeans.
  10. I agree that Duna, you should use that bag!! I mean other than taking it to the beach or a water park, it should be used and loved...
  11. I don't have a Kelly but I think it would look great with jeans and maybe a casual blazer or shrug or sweater, you know something to layer with. I also wear alot of flats so I think flats or heels and a Kelly would look cute. The colored ones are fabulous, but I wear sooo much black.

    Bagaholic, I like your idea in your other post about sticking change and cash in a drawer or something to save up for it. I think I'm going to implement that - oh and then add my next bonus on top.
  12. Do you mind sharing what kind of good luck on Ebay? I'm sooo curious! And of course I would run things by the girls here first!
  13. I have a 28 black box Kelly (souple) and LOVE IT! I wear it whenever my heart desires. It is the most gorgeous bag and would never let it go.

    The last hurricane hit my home in Florida and I left with my important papers and my Kelly. Yes, my Kelly. I will not let anything happen to it. I love it like another child. I will wear it with anything I can. IMO, there is nothing like a black Kelly. Everyone should own one!

    My pro black Kelly for sure. Choose what leather you love and you won't have any regrets. Trust me.
  14. OMG Kellybag.....I just let one go due to an iffy situation with the seller. 28cm souple Kelly a few years old but still in good shape. Oh well, I know one is right around the corner probably waiting until the coffers have been replenished....the money tree in my yard is a little depleted.....
  15. That is so funny, I feel the same way. My Kelly sleeps right next to my bed along with my little lockbox and my grandmother's jewelry. If something happens, we are escaping together.

    Duna, you should definitely wear that bag. It will look great with jeans and a sweater, a dress, a nice suit. It goes with everything.
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