You ladies are

  1. the best, you guys are so friendly and informative, i have a coach gift card and i was just about to spend it on something i really didnt need since within the last three months a purchase the felicia, the belted hobo, the 6x8 turnlock planner, i just came across a thread where some one was dicussing the pleated ergo tote that come out in june i had no idea about it, so i am saving my gift card for that purchase:tup:
  2. Good choice and seems like it could be a classic style. I know, I love this forum too !
  3. That is a great choice!
  4. This a great forum. Everyone is very nice and informative. I love it here!
    When you use you gift card ...don't forget to show us the pics!!! :yes:
  5. yay! It will be much more worth it to wait and get something you want. :yahoo: