You ladies are NAUGHTY !!!

  1. I don't own a Kooba yet but darn it- there are sooo many threads with pics of gorgeous Koobas...... you don't know what you're making me do !!!!!!:yes:
  2. I swear it's not our intentions...LOL Those Kooba bags sell themselves and this new Spring line is more exciting than past seasons.
    We asked for our own Sub-forum so we could stop enticing you all :smile:
  3. I completely agree! I was blisfully unaware of how fabulous Kooba bags were until reading so much about them on this I've bought 2 in the past week!

  4. lol i wish i had such luck with money i'd have 3 right now i am still choosing ONE.
  5. Koobas are wonderful - my wishlist is LONG.
  6. Come on, you know you want one.....!

    I understand totally, I just got my first Kooba yesterday. :heart:
  7. :devil: :graucho:

  8. Which one did you get??
  9. Come on Monica, you know you want one!!!

  10. All of your pics of the Elisha has me thinking that I must have one. Absolutely love that style. Even with four Koobas I have no doubt that it would be my new favorite bag.
  11. Aw, I know the feeling, but people are also equally supportive if you declare yourself on a ban or trying to take a break from the bag habit! It is so much easier to be tempted though . . . .!!
  12. ....must......resist......OK,OK, I've decided to go on a quest for an Elisha !!!!! hahahahaha don't you all admire my restraint and willpower ?? hee hee:roflmfao:
  13. Come over to the Kooba side. hehehehe :devil:

    We love them because they're fabulous!!!
  14. If only Kooba knew how many sales this site generates for them...maybe they'd treat tpf members to better customer service than they've provided so far. :p
  15. I got lucky and stumbled upon a Kooba Marcelle in Moss. picture below.

    just love it!