You ladies are a VERY bad influence...

  1. especially angstofgumby and winona77!
    Especially you winona77, you were the one who gave me hope, and NOW look at the mess I'm in!:huh:

    Wanna know why?;)
    After angst posted her anthracite paddy, I knew that was the baby for me, to complete my chloe collection. But where to find?
    And then you winona77 came up with the answer, right back where I had started from...Calgary!:idea:
    I called Holt Renfrew in Calgary and got the ultra-fantastic Jay, who informed me that he was heading to Toronto and would take a look at all the fantastic stuff they had. Well, didn't he phone me back and say that he had pulled the anthracite paddy out of the trunk show for me! He was so excited, he said he had to convince his boss in TO, so I was bouncing off the walls! Where to ship to, same old problem...
    but I've had it sent to my folks in Southern Ontario and the "excuse" for a trip home may be in the wings as mom needs a small surgery that it would be helpful if I was there for her to recover...!
    She opened the box to tell me on Friday and she and my dad both went nuts! Mom says its gorgeous and dad says I could probably take out a biker with the padlock, or that one might take me out...on a date!:lol:
    So I have one! Finally! I just need to pick it up! :sad:
    I can I can't!:Push: :wacko:

    P.S. Jay said he would be happy to help anybody else if they want to call him!
  2. Hehe.. take a biker out with the padlock ! That's too funny. And congrats on your purchase !
  3. AO - you're hilarious! Congrats! Now you have to go and pick her up!
  4. LOL :smile: If you can take a biker out with that padloack, I'd say that is some self defense right there!!! Conagrats!!!
  5. Bad influence is right :biggrin:...but it feels soooo good.

    Your mom is so cute, I love her remark. Best to her on the surgery.

    I bet you can't wait to see it..ohhhh the delicious agony of delayed gratification. Post pics as soon as you can!
  6. Jay is a great SA ... almost every bag I've bought from HR Calgary is from him! He's been there for a while now ... is he just going to Toronto to visit or is he transferring there?

    Congrats on your anthracite paddy ... sounds just like Jay to do a thing like that!
  7. Nope, he was just there for a couple of days to pick out stuff to bring to Calgary. He's hilarious! What else should I know about him? lol!
  8. COngrats! Great story btw- this place is totally dangerous! And so much fun!
  9. Dangerous indeed!!! lol.... Since joining the forum, I've managed to purchase my first Chloe Paddington, first LV wallet and first Chanel flats.... before this... I hardly had any designer anything!
  10. Is Jay the guy with the greyish hair and glasses?
  11. I never associated Chloe with bikers until now, but that's a hoot.
  12. This post made me :lol:
  13. I have no idea what Jay looks like, I have only talked to him on the phone. BUt everybody in the store knew who he was!
    Somebody go in and get a pic for us! lol!