You ladies are a very bad influence on me....

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  1. Especially that thread about the impeding prices increases on June 1st!! So, guess what I did? I got all nervous that the things I wanted to purchase in the next few months would be much more than they would now, so......... I went on Elux and ordered them all!!!!:shame: :blink:

    I ordered:

    Framboise Sm. Vernis Agenda
    Framboise 4-Key Holder
    Sm Accessories Pouch (for make-up)
    Zip Compact Wallet w/ Id Holder (I'm sending back the Koala)

    OH NO!!!!! Now, to hide all of this from my husband for the next 3 months!!!!

    Or else he'll be like this: :rant: :censor: :mad:
  2. Congrats on the new goodies. :smile:
  3. Think of all the money you saved by getting the deed done! Congrats on your wonderful, pre-meditated shopping spree!
  4. TR!!!!! ......You Crazy Shopping Girl......Very Nice!!!!!! I LOVE Everything!!! I Am So Happy For You!!!!!!!!! :smile:
  5. yeah! on line shopping!!! wow!!! you're SO lucky!!!!! congrats on your new LV pieces!!! woo hoo shopping!!!!
  6. Congrats on the shopping spree! Break it to DH gently - one piece every month.
  7. I'm getting ready to do what you did...I stopped by the store and tried on the bags I like, but they wouldn't let me even peek at the Damier Speedy. My regular SAs weren't there and I know they would have. Anwyways, I need an agenda, plus I'm totally in love with the Chelsea tote now, and I need a plate to go with my Antigua Cabas. Elux here I come!!
  8. Congrats! I don't see these purchases as spending alot of money, I see it as being a smart investor and buying stock when market prices are down. At least that's what I tell myself to justify purchases!
  9. You go girl!!:roflmfao: Look at it this way-you have saved $$ and they are small items which = easily hidden!!;) I am a really bad influence:graucho:
  10. are on fire !!!!
  11. Wow! :cool: Better now then after the price hike, though!
  12. Congrat's, can't wait to see your new purchases.
  13. we are all enablers here!!! =)
    Btw, why did you return the koala?
  14. Bagluv--I know!!! I've got to stop!!! Ha ha.

    Nikki213-- I like the way you think!! You made me feel better!

    Addictedtolv-- That's what I'm gonna do!!(Hopefully)

    PGN--I have to admit, it was partly you!!!! (Hope thats ok) :smile:

    Seriously though, my DH will never understand this, he'll think I'm outta control!! So, I just gotta play it cool, try to play it safe, and NEVER NEVER let him into my bag!!! ha ha ha

  15. UM, well, I haven't acctually returned it yet. I am telling myself I have to though, once I put my stuff in it, it is fat, fat, fat! I should return it. I mean, I really should.
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