You ladies are a bad influence ;-)

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  1. I bought the LV Batignolles Horizontal last week and love it, but still kept thinking about the Speedy 30. So I went and picked one up at lunch! Also, loved this little pouchette from Coach (will help keep me organized inside the Speedy, and it can clip to the D-ring):

  2. Nice! I bought 3 LVs the other week as well, can't have enough! I have the batignolles horizontal as well, great bag!
  3. Lucky girl! The Speedy is my favorite LV bag - I will finally be able to afford one with my Christmas money :love: LV has a lot of beautiful bags, but to me the Speedy is a classic.
  4. Noriko, what other ones did you get?
  5. MC Speedy, Neo Speedy, and the popincourt haut :biggrin: I went again last night and was contemplating L'Épanoui GM but my regular wasn't there and some ***** was helping me :lol:
  6. Show photos!!!
  7. What's "Neo"? What does that print look like?
  8. It not our fault u like bags , as much as we do :smile:........

    i cant wait unil i can get a major bag ........note to self

    *u need to save money , buy bag later * lol
  9. It's nice to find people who share my deep and abiding love of bags! :embarasse This bag today is definitely going to be the last one I buy this year, as the holidays are coming up and I have a lot of gifts to cough up for! :P
  10. Neo Speedy may be more recognizable as .. Neo Denim Speedy. Like so -

  11. Thanks, ayla!
  12. Yeah :biggrin: I posted a thread here earlier with actual pics of mine. The zipper on some of those bags are defective though, bastards!