you know you've spotted another TPF'er when...


Jan 7, 2013
When I went to get my reissue I asked to see the medium size and she brought out the small. I remember thinking this is the same size as my medium classic bag. So I had to ask for the size up, she was adamant that was the small I wanted. I should work for Chanel I think, the 226 is definitely the medium size.


Apr 19, 2008
When talking to an SA I just say the flap with rectangular turnlock for a reissue. Describe the bag rather than using a "name" [emoji12]


Apr 10, 2017
3) she knows the season and year of the bag you're carrying
4) when she complains about the price increases but save her life away, so that she can still visit the boutiques anyway and reveal to the world with pride of her finds after months of commitment

5) when she stops counting the number of bags in her collection

6) when the SA knows her by the name and call her a few weeks before the new season arrives at the boutique

7) when she wishes she finds a TPF friend in real life to speak all about bags with them, as her normal friend just "don't understand" or slowly grow allergic to bag fanatic topics

8) when she smiles at her bag whenever she acidentially glanced at it - and others don't understand why one can get such immense joy just by looking / staring at a bag.

9) when it's never "it's just a bag" to her.