You know you're pathetic when...

  1. base the clothes you buy on what bags you have.

    haha. I needed a dress for a wedding and I really want to use my damier pochette so I went to Bloomie's hunting down a brown dress. I found one but I also found a black one I liked too. I went for the brown one just so I could use my damier. Ooh silly me :smile:

    I also bought my first Primp tank top. I know a couple of you have a lot. I love it!! It fits great. Does anyone know anyplace online that sells them cheaper or has a promotional code? I'd love more but at $66 each it's hard to stock up. lol Thanks!
  2. Lol it's not pathetic, Lol. I do the same thing...I look for clothing based on what bags I have. Like, "Oh I want to carry my Mandarin Epi Jasmin soon and I don't have many orange pieces of clothing. I should get another orange top." :lol:
  3. lol! I recently bought a pair of woven dark brown pumps which are super comfy but yeah.. I think my sppedy 25 influenced the purchase !!!
  4. Lol i do that some times.
  5. That is so funny because I do the same thing. I'm leaving for vacation soon. I have already decided which bags I want to take with me. Now I am planning what to pack based on my bags. I feel a little silly about it.
  6. lol. cute. thats sooo something i would do.
  7. Hmm, that sounds like the smart thing to do. :p Maybe I should do that too (if I haven't already been doing it subconsciously :p). Lol...
  8. so you're saying we're ALL pathetic?
  9. oh I totally do that! Cause a lot of my clothes are actually cheaper than a lot of my bags.
  10. I do that!
  11. Ha ha ha!
  12. So you mean it's not perfectly normal?? :graucho:
  13. I do that on a daily basis. I'm currently using a dark brown Prada but frankly, I'm wearing it w/ whatever I want! :yes:
  14. Ha, yeah I guess that's what I'm saying and I didn't even realize it. lol No offense, of course. I see this as the good kind of pathetic. :smile:
  15. not pathetic at all! Before my LV days,I never really wore brown, cream colors, too much. Now that is the majority of my clothing so that it will look good with my LV (I especially love cream clothe with Damier!!)