you know you're handbag obsessed when...

  1. 1) you pile up all your bags on your couch (bed, wherever) and spend time just staring at their beauty.

    2) packing them back into their bags and boxes is a loving ritual.

    3) you sniff the leather and enter handbag bliss.

    4) you sleep with new purchases. literally. you put them on the other side of your bed and you fall asleep with them.

    ok, i just put myself out there and admitted (some of) my insanity! anyone else shameless enough to join?
  2. Guilty of the first three!

    -When your SO asks you which bag you want for your birthday instead of WHAT you want for your birthday

    -When you talk about it so much that even he can tell one style/brand from another.

    -When a female coworker you don't even really know asks you to authenticate a bag she just bought (because word got to her you're handbag obsessed)

    Hehe, maybe this is just me.. can other gals relate?
  3. Me: Oh, can we just stop into TJ Maxx for a minute, I need to find some new sandals.

    Him: Sure. I'll just check out the store, see what they have.

    Me: OK. Oh, look! I always forget they have purses - I'll meet you in the shoes department.

    Him: Yeah, right.

    Me: Really, I'll just be a moment, just gotta check, you know. (kiss kiss)

    Me: WOW, would you look at this - Dooney and Bourke, I love the purple! And the price!

    Shopper: Oh, yes, I had a lime green one once.

    Me: Really? That's neat. Looks like you're doing some serious shopping there...

    Shopper: Well, it's my sister's birthday coming up, and I thought I'd buy her this big tote bag, and fill it with several small purses.

    Me: Whoa, that's clever. I'm just checking the goods out here, I always forget TJ's got these good deals on designer purses.

    Shopper: Did you see this one? (holding up a large bag of undetermined origin)

    Me: No ... I generally go for something smaller than that. Are you a purse nut? I am - which is why husband just kept walking, he knows.

    Shopper: Oh yes. I'm trying to get my sister into it, but -

    Me: Well maybe all those bags you're buying for her birthday will help that along...

    Shopper goes on to find bag after bag, having forgotten about her sister, who likes very small bags, not the ones the Shopper is looking at. I'm doing fine, just cruising, and WHAM IT HITS ME RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES AND TAKES MY BREATH AWAY.

    Me: Oh. My. God. Will you look at this deerskin hobo, man, feel it, it's like butter...

    Shopper: Yeah, that's nice...

    Me: (Heart pounding) I don't need this. I'm not looking for a handbag, I've got exactly what I want hanging on my shoulder, I've got plenty of WILL YOU LOOK AT THIS. IT'S GORGEOUS! Look at the way the design is on the front, and... (looks around sheepishly) Well, I guess I found what I wanted!

    Walks off with $230 bag marked down to $94, forgeting about sandals.

    No, I'm not obsessed.
  4. -When you try to convince the hubby that handbags are just as fun for us both as a vacation (yeah, he didn't buy it lol)
  5. - when you hang purses on your bedroom walls instead of art
  6. if you haven't buy them yet.

    you can't sleep properly.

    you always think of a way of getting it already.

    if you already got them:

    you always want to take a look at them even though they are in boxes and it's very tiring to get them out of the box from time to time. But still, you still want to take them out to have a look but you're not going to wear it.
  7. 1. When you arrange to have "private moments" with your girls (I unpack mine, lay them all out on the bed and think and dream about who is being added next and what to wear with which one....) -- GUILTY

    2. When you start using personal pronouns for them (e.g. "she" instead of "it") -- GUILTY

    3. When you sniff the leather like some kind of pervert :smile: -- GUILTY

    4. When a handbag purchase exceeds your mortgage/rent -- GUILTY

    5. When people around you ask you to specify "what type of handbag am I?" -- GUILTY
  8. You buy clothing to go with your new handbag

    Your 5 year old can spot a Louis Vuitton in a MOVIE and IRL

    You match match and match some more

    You giggle in your :heart: if you find something you had never seen about your bag!

  9. u created a microsoft excel spreadsheet just for handbags :blush:
  10. Wow, It's good to know I'm not alone. The Tj Maxx thing ditto!
  11. Wow! I have a budget spreadsheet with a column for bag savings, but not a whole spreadsheet devoted to bags! What's on your spreadsheet?

    And may I ask (out of curiosity) what your dream bag that you have to wait nearly 2 years for is? It must be pretty special to wait so long!
  12. You can spot a fake at 10 paces!

    Your head whips round like something from the Exorcist to get a look at the handbag a woman is carrying that you saw out the corner of your eye.
  13. hey, i was going to do that next!
  14. 1) When you can't sleep on the nights before sample sales start because you are debating what to buy

    2) When you get up at 5 AM to check to see if there are any new postings in the Steals and Deals forum
  15. you take a nice, long, hot bath with a good book and the brand new bag hanging on the hook on the door so that you can admire it in peace, quiet and privacy...