You Know You're Addicted to tPF When...

  1. When no one is playing board games and you don't know what else to do.
  2. when you add internet access to your cell phone primarily so you can tpf (:shame:smile:
  3. when you RUSH home to check to see what happened on your fav threads when you were gone
  4. ^^ haha, I do that too!

    ...when you strech out, your back makes funny noises from sitting behind the computer watching tPF too long! Oh, and the same goes for my wrists...
  5. you have to make yourself get up every now & again to make sure that you blood is circulating through your vericose veins!!!
  6. You haven't had your bath and it's 11pm
  7. the sun is coming up and you still are on TPF
  8. LOL!!! Frick&Frack!! Great thread!! Mmmmm,I know I'm too addicted to tpf when I get to the situation of I have stuff to do in the I dare not come on here as it will NEVER get done!!!!

    (sometimes explains why I'm not on for a day or two!)
  9. When you rather miss your fave TV show & stay on TPF
  10. It is valentine's day and I am here
  11. ^^ beljwl! I wub you!!!

    I am addicted because I got an iPhone primarily so I could check out TPF at all hours of the day and night!

  12. You and me both with the iPhone... Wub you too, K
  13. when you begin to resent that people think tPF ISN'T real IRL I do this or that
  14. I forgot to add... When you have a TPF icon on your main screen of your iPhone
  15. ^ Did you also add that your dogs are TPF mascots??