You Know You're Addicted to tPF When...

  1. OK, time to fess up.

    remember, admitting you have a problem is the first step...

    I'll start...

    you know you're addicted to tPF've had to go potty for 2 hours but you're just going to read/post 1 more...
  2. your at work and pissed when the clock says 5pm
  3. ^^^good one :roflmfao:

    it's 10pm & you still haven't eaten dinner
  4. you know you're addicted...when you get a purse forum PM email alert on your BlackBerry & you zoom home or cut your plans/night short to see what the message is.:rolleyes:
  5. Your arms and fingers are numb
  6. You wake up in the morning and your first thought is, "Do I have time to check tPF before I shower"
  7. you lock your dogs outside because their barking interrupts your ability to quickly post answers in the board games forum
  8. Classic!!!

  9. you organize meets
  10. you think that getting to 10k posts is the ultimate achievement
  11. ^^^ You will be over 10K posts in a month the way you are going

    when you answer the wrong answer to the game... Like in cities, States game I answered Z-Zach Braff, thinking it was celeb game
  12. ^^^ummm, that's my trick!!! :roflmfao:

    you think about megs & vlad's wedding when you're not on the're out IRL.
  13. When you yell at the computer when it gives you the message that you have to wait 20 seconds between posts
  14. ^^^ sooooo me

    you can't decide whether you should watch your favorite TV show, or just keep playing/posting.
  15. When you've been labeled a "Holy Post Whore"!