You know you're addicted to Chanel and when?

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  1. I saw this thread in the Hermes forum and loved it so I thought I'd start it in Chanel :smile:

    I knew I was addicted to Chanel when my closet started to look like the Chanel stock room and I still wanted more!!! Although I love many handbag designers, Chanel is my true love and even though I've said many times I'll be done after I buy.....The next season comes out and I realize my collection may never be complete no matter how hard I try to say no and mean it, lol :smile:
  2. This is fun, Stylevialauren! lol
    I know I'm addicted to Chanel when I start selling my other designer bags for Chanel lol. So far I have sold my Prada, Chloe, Fendi, Givenchy. :P
  3. I am addicted and the Chanel threads/reveals on tPF is my drug.
  4. When you can't stay off the FB groups because you are afraid something you just simply have to have will pop up!
  5. When you hide purchases from your husband and only carry the bag when he's not around.
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  6. Totally agree with this sentiment!

  7. +1
  8. I knew I was addicted to Chanel when I sold all my designer bags for my first classic. flap.. and I didn't regret it one single bit,,,, the rest is history

  9. Which Chanel fb group are there and do you need to be invited? I have been searching for one in the us. Please let me know.
  10. When you go on tpf every single day, more than fb. It's totally addicting. When all other designer bags don't hold a light compare to Chanel.
  11. Lol
  12. I knew I was addicted to Chanel after I bought my first Chanel wallet and the next week, the tote followed me home lol. I now have many items on eBay for sale to fund my habit and look at my Saks credit card as my personal Chanel purchasing card 😂😂😂

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  13. LOL!! :roflmfao: Yes I do this sometimes as well!

    And Yes as someone mentioned, Chanel is a drug to me as well!
  14. +1
  15. I"m with you too. LOL