You know you're a Hermes addict when you...

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  1. Just wanted to hear your stories about when you realized that you became a Hermes addict.

    Here's mine:
    I can't believe that the Chloe Paddingtons are on sale at NAP for 50% off and I resisted the tempatation to buy anything (so that I can save for my next Hermes purchase).
  2. I went to the Chanel cruise trunk show yesterday and thought...hmmm...bags seem a bit gaudy... That is when it truly hit me... I am offically addicted to Hermes...I need a fix like an addict...

    Oh, DH is finally home, time to start drinking to forget about bags for a while...
  3. when i realized that if worst came to worst, i would part with my prized Vuitton Trompe L'Oeil Trocadero bag from f/w 2004-05 (from the runway and super rare and fairly pricey) to help along with another H bag like an exotic skin Constance, a Slouchy Kelly, or....:love::love::love: a gold Clemence Birkin with any hardware and i'd even take it in a 30cm size:love::love::love: now that is LOVE. :crybaby:
    also, i get aches in my chest & a twinkle in my eye when i see the name Hermes, and i want to start buying their RTW and i contemplated a diamond ring from them and i would never shell out $1200 for a regular leather belt anywhere else without blinking an eye or even giving it the slightest bit of thought.
  4. i think that i would spend about 200k a season (400k a year) on fashion if i had my way...
    and Hermes would probably get the bulk of it.
  5. ....when I'm seriously thinking about bidding on an Hermes ashtray....and I don't even smoke!!!!!!
  6. shopmom...if you bid on those mushrooms HG mentioned.. u know u are in trouble...
  7. OMG this is funny - and about the only way I too forget about the bags and accessories lol:graucho: :graucho: so not funny....!!!!
  8. did you know my finger was poised on the BIN button??????:shocked:
  9. gotta have the mushrooms.....gotta have the mushrooms......:weird:
  10. same here... :tispy:
  11. silly shopmom! :lol::lol:
  12. ...when I started hunting for a Hermes tissue case.....
  13. When you are on tPF so much to discuss Hermes, they make you a mod:P
  14. :roflmfao:
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