You Know You're a Fanatic When.....

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  1. i guess this makes me a fanatic i love that desktop
  2. i have that desktop as well :smile:
  3. Cute - how do you get it?
  4. I have the Coach fragrance bottles screen saver. LOL... I got it off the Coach site in the Fragrance section.
  5. I cannot get enough of the Legacy Stripe!:love:
  6. I :heart: the legacy stripe. I have the ballerina flats and the zoe clutch. When my computer is running, I will upload pics. My shoes are a little worn. I have had them since Nov and wear them all the time.
  7. Click on the "Lifestyle" link on the Coach site, lots to choose from!
  8. Me too! Which then made me change all my windows to pink too lol.
  9. Cool, thanks!! Something else to amuse me at work.
  10. yeah, now I have a cool google mail icon!!!
  11. Cute!!
  12. I had that one and everyone at work made fun of me. I changed it to the snapshots on the front of the last catalog.
  13. LOL I'm all alone in my cube back in the corner so nobody will eve know.
  14. i don't have a coach bg, but i have the coach ombre screensaver. i got it when it came out and haven't changed it cuz its sooo pretty.