YOU KNOW YOUR OBSSESSED WITH______ when You ______!

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  1. So I am seeing some extremely funny stuff here on Tpf about obsessions & addictions! Don't be afraid to fill in the blanks!!!!
  2. You know your obsessed with Tiffany's when you salivate as you browse Diamonds by the Yard.
  3. You know you're obsessed with engagement rings when you browse every site with eye candy there is and this goes on for hours....xD
  4. You know you're obsessed with food when you decide to browse menus days in advance.
  5. rotfl!!!!!!!!
  6. I do this too!!!!!!!
  7. I'm guilty of doing this every day... My university has been the #1 university in Canada for food for the last decade. We have chefs preparing our food for us and its like a club med experience. Ribeye steaks with herb de provence and cajun sweet potato wedges!
  8. you know you're obsessed with jewellery when pictures of your bracelet stacks rival cat pictures on your blackberry!
  9. I do this all the time lmao!
  10. I went to my friend's university upstate NY and she gave me some card for unlimited food seriously I was eating every five minutes there was so many options to choose from haha!!!! I went crazy in those campus restaurants.
  12. You know you're obsessed with accessories when you have the TPF app for your phone.
  13. You know your obsessed with A new purse when you put it somewhere that you can see it while your in the bed!
  14. OMG-thank goodness I'm not the only one :girlwhack:
  15. +1