You know your addiction is bad when...

  1. your kids know your bags....and they are boys...

    I switch bags alot, so there are usually 3-4 on my dresser, before I put them all, last night I was chatting with a friend and needed something from my bag, I sent my 12 year old upstairs to fetch he
    was walking out of the room, he asked "the Luella or Vuitton, Mom?" (I had been using my black Luella Giselle alot lately) friend raised her eyebrows..."Vuitton," I answered. When he got upstairs he called down..."The monogram or multicolor?" Before I could answer the 6 year old chimes in "the big multicolor one" (he was right I had been using my Aurelia GM)

    My friend laughed so hard, she almost fell of the sofa.
  2. That is tooooo funny!
  3. OMG that is hilarious!!

    Your kids sound adorable and well-versed in handbags!! :smile:
  4. I know exactly what are you talking about, my sons have nicknames for all my bags, they can tell right away when I carry a new bag.:yes:
  5. hahah that is funny.
    My kids are that way too. In fact they point out fake when we're in the mall.
  6. Aww.. that's cute !

    My friends are like that.. and my brother, he's a Vuitton master !
  7. oh that is so cute! you taught your kids well haha! :P
  8. That's awesome!
  9. OMG that is too funny!!!!!!!
  10. That is too funny!! It's adorable your kids know your purses...:flowers:

  11. ROFL! That's funny and familiar! When my 3 year old son sees a mono LV he says "Look Mommy, she has your purse". When my 11 year old daughter spots one, she asks "Mom, is that one real or fake?". I guess children learn what they live- huh? :nuts:
  12. LOL! That's funny!
  13. Too cute, children really are sponges!
  14. what a cute story. thanks for sharing!
  15. LOL, yeah they do that too...the 6 year old doesn't really get the fake part...but he has said stuff like, look mom she has a bag like yours...but the colors are ugly on hers....of course in that booming 6 year old voices.