You know your a Coachie when....


May 23, 2012
I thought there was a thread like this before, but i couldnt find it and thought it would be fun! You know your a true Coachie when....

-When you know the styles and what's coming out better than the SAs!

-When you want to just rip the chargesend paperwork out of the SAs hand and say, "Here I will just do it," because you know how to fill out the paperwork better than they do!
-When your husband comes home from work and asks what you did today, you reply "Oh just ran some errands." When really you tried to see how many outlets you could visit before he got home!

-You plan your vacations around how many outlets you could hit on the way there.

-You have more animal Fobs then the zoo has animals!

-You actually know what a Fob is!
-You have so many chargesend fees for the month you could have bought another bag!

-You have seriously considered flying to another state just to get a bag u want at outlet price.


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Dec 11, 2012
I'm 4 out of 8...not sure if that's good or bad :P
I hit up all three Dillard's on the 30% off and 2 (I'll be at the other tomorrow) of them for the 40%. I shopped only the Coach section during both sales.


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May 10, 2012
Louisville, KY
... you know your FPs from your MFFs and your PCEs from your FOSs.

... you have a fob for every conceivable occasion and think up new ones yourself, hoping Coach will come up with them, too.

... you've told your significant other that brand new bag you've had for ages.

... you got burned by ebay once - ONCE.

... you tie scarves, double straps, and merch up your bags in ways stylists never dreamed.

... you have calculated gas + time vs. sales & savings so often, you've worn out a calculator.

May come up with more at a more reasonable hour.


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Feb 17, 2009
You know you're a Coachie:

When the manager and SAs know you by name and greet you when they see you like a long lost friend.
When the same SAs and managers know all your previously purchased bags.
When they ask about specific members of your family because they've seen them shopping with you.


May 23, 2012
Good ones! :smile:. You know your a Coachie when...

-You know the difference between a Hailey, Haley, and a Hallie and a Abby and an Abigail. Lol


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Nov 19, 2012
5 out of 8... I still have hope for a rehab or shopper anonymous...hahaha

You know you're a coachie when...

- You go to outlet on your lunch break
- You time your vacation day on the day the outlet will put out on new stuff
- When you tell work you need to leave for a Dr. appt. but really you're going to shop Coach
- When you spend majority of your time on the tpf coach forums...hahaha

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May 29, 2009
You know you are a Coachie when:

-Outlet SA's call or text you about FP deletes that you like are in.
-You talk about purses all the time with other TPf members on the phone.
-You drive hours to go get a bag.
- You have countless outlet numbers saved on your phone.
- You shop at FP and the outlet so much that some of your friends are now SA's.
- You start giving Coach for Birthday presents.
- You love other brands but you always come back to Coach leather.


Jan 17, 2010
Thanks for the great thread.

You suggest baby names for friends as as Sophia, Candace, Eva, Bette and Hailey cause those are always on the tip of your tongue.

You go to sleep with a smile on your face thinking of what you are going to purchase with your next pce.

Cooking , cleaning and laundry have become a thing of the past, reading TPF fills the slot.


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Apr 27, 2010
Lol all of these crack me up and I have to agree that a lot of these as well...

...when everyone at works as about your bag and isn't surprised its COACH
...when you mother tells you to NOT spend your tax refund on another purse
...GOES with above^^^ when your mom asks you to horror a bag b/c she knows I have several that are in my closet that I haven't worn in months
...when you make friends through Craigslist b/c she's always responding to my "Coach bag for sale" ads
...when you get excited and get a "high feeling" when you anything that's COACH (fob, perfume, makeup, bags, etc)
...when you made new bffs through the tpf and txt them EVERYDAY (and become each other cheerleaders about new purchases or become each others therapist trying to justify one bag for another)

Oh one more!!

...when your significant can spot out fakes when you're out and about b/c he learned it from you!!! Lol


Jun 23, 2008
When you get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom but you sign on TPF first to see if anyone's found any good deals.