You know you shop too much when...

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  1. Your mailman rings the doorbell to give you your fifth package of the week and just shakes his head. HAHA!

    I received my original ciao ciao today with the meomi qee!

    At least I sold two bags and replaced them with two...whatever I need to convince myself...I don't have problems...

    I need to take pictures of all the things I've got in the past few weeks.

    Why is my current obsession adios star??!?! I hated it at first!
  2. Yeah, my mailman hates me. Our mailboxes are on the other side of the street and when he can't wedge a package inside my mailbox he has to get out of his car and walk up to my porch. Lately, he's been getting his exercise.:graucho:
  3. aw, hehe. luckily ours has to walk our entire neighborhood, but between my roommate who also loves toki and myself...he's getting the upperbody workout ;)

    where in ohio are you?
  4. Perrysburg, between Toledo and Bowling Green.
  5. sidenote: my dog knocked over my MAC pink pigment and she is now hot pink.

    this is just too funny!

  6. Oh she's so cute!:tender: I want a dog but my husband refuses to deal with a pet.
  7. aww, thanks i think it's funny she is pink, well was i just bathed her!

    they are a lot of work, i've never had a dog so this has been a real learning process.

  8. AWWWW super cute!!! i love pugs

    and you also love mac..

    mac and toki make me negative poor!!

    im obsessed with mac as well
  9. HEY! I'm in Michigan (like 10 minutes from Sylvania) but I spend all of my time in Toledo. I went to high school and go to college there and my boyfriend lives there.
  10. pandanoir: i just go to the outlet near here that has mac that's my best way of affording it easier, but occassionally i'll splurge at the counter, a good way of accumulating mac funds is pushing the pro store gift cards, i tell people to get them for me, then I HAVE to shop there ;) hehe.

    yes she is a wee apparently mac loving pug!

    alatrop: i'm about 3 hrs south of toledo
  11. Ha...I graduated from Univ of Toledo.
  12. Haha, good times. I love it, but most of my friends from high school go to BG. Which I think is WRONG. :confused1:
  13. my high school had a mass exodus to BG i'm from about 20 minutes west of cleveland, and i came down here so I was the only one from my hs here so nice!
  14. My hs was in Las Vegas. I'm originally from Toledo which is why I came back for college. Then I met my bf who became dh and I've just remained in OH though I have lived in N Olmsted and Cincinnati after college before moving back to the Toledo area a few years ago.
  15. wow you've been on the move!
    i'm from amherst which is about 15 minutes from N.O. born and raised, came here for college at Wright State in 99, and now I'm going to Chicago in August for more school!
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