You know you need help when...

  1. You start making your own LV bookmark for the LV book u're reading if you don't have an MC one to call your own! :p
    bkm_CIMG1863.JPG bkm_CIMG1867.JPG
  2. Super cute :smile:
  3. Adorable!
  4. Cute! I have 'crafted' things from old catalogs, etc too :smile:
  5. Hahaha cuute, did you even laminte it too. Or how did you make it?
  6. aww haha that is soo cute! Make me one too!
  7. That's really cute!
  8. that's rally cute!
  9. SELL THEM! but not as real lv, as creative copyright parody...
  10. that's too cute!
  11. eww a fake book mark!
    j/p i love the groom verry creative...:yes:
    i need help too i made a groom desktop...
  12. its adorable. i love the idea! and its NOT $180!
  13. Here's more!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  14. If anyone wants these designs I've uploaded them into a PDF file which you can download and print out for yourselves. ^_^
  15. LOL cuuute!
    That's a good book, too!