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Apr 12, 2009
Land Locked
I go in splurges posting on tpf and have stayed away for a while trying to pay off debt. I can't look at all these beautiful Bals and not want one! Anyway, I've stashed away some money to treat myself with a new bag and have been on the hunt. Here's a funny: I was looking through Paypal to see if I could find any charitable donations and I saw a payment to Fashionphile. "Huh," I thought to myself, "I don't recall buying anything from Fashionphile last year..." So, I looked up my orders and sure enough: I had purchased a rouge cardinal velo in July. I thought about it and I honestly could NOT remember receiving it, and only vaguely recalled possibly making a purchase. I checked my bag closet and lo and behold, there she was! I guess I can cross perfect red off of my wish list! It was like getting a new bag all over again!

I think what happened was it arrived when I had too many summer things going one and I wanted to treat it before I wore it. I put it away and forgot all about it!

Normally I'm not partial to anything other than regular hw, but it really looks nice on this one! I'd still like to see coquelicot irl because so many people love the color.

rouge cardinal.jpg


May 18, 2014
Republic of OneRepublic
That is so funny (although I have heard of other TPFers finding long lost never used bags in their closets. Lol). Rouge cardinal is gorgeous from the pictures I have seen. What a lucky day for you. Now you can save the money or use it on another bag :smile:
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Feb 9, 2016
Dubai, UAE
Lol :biggrin: congrats on you old new bag!
Happened to me with a Gucci scarf, just recently re-discovered it in the depth of my closet