You know you have toki issues

  1. when you are watching heroes and the japanese girl says tokidoki and you husband just laughed after he said hey she mentioned your purses !!
  2. Hahaha I heard that too. It means "sometimes" in Japanese. I thought she said "dokidoki" at first which means my heart is beating/I'm nervous, but the subtitles didn't match. xD
  3. HEROES!!!! I JUST WATCHED THAT TOO!! hahahahaha I giggled too :lol: but I already knew that she meant "sometimes" and wasnt referring to our purses. Glad to know there's more fans out there!! I hardly know anyone that watches it!! The bf and I watch it like crazy but he thinks these beginning episodes of the new season are boring. Bleh of course they're boring.. they cant just jump right into the action!
  4. Same here but I also know what it means. Still quite fun though hearing it.
    I love heroes too....been following it since the beginning
  5. hahaha I giggled too when she said it!! I turned to my mom and was like "did you hear that? she said tokidoki!!" :lol: that was cool :yes:
  6. Yes, I gasped when I heard that too!
  7. I heard it, too! LOL!
  8. Me, too. I e-mailed my "Heroes"-watching but non-Tokidoki-buying friend to listen for it. Then I had an urge to see what new Tokidoki bags had hit eBay.
  9. same here! my boyfriend and I caught it and we both laughed about it.:graucho: