You know you have really gone off the deep end when....

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  1. You know you have really gone off the deep end when you are willing to plunk down $1,300 for a pair of pants at Hermes! Four times! OMG. I went into H the other day to take a bag in for repair, and don't know why, but I wandered up to the second floor. I actually asked for my sizes, and tried things on. I NEVER do this. It's bags, bags, bags, gloves, scarf, bags, bags. Never RTW. Well, almost never.

    So I pull on a pair of slacks, thinking "This will NEVER fit me." Nothing ever fits me right off the rack. But it does! And so do all the others. Have you ever slipped on a pair of Hermes slacks? It's like.....sliding a bite of chocolate cream pie with whipped cream on your tongue. Honestly. They went on like they were made for me, like a glove. A silk lined Hermes glove. :nuts::nuts::nuts: The legs are so nicely tailored, even my size looks like a size 2!!!

    I'm a dead duck now. Not only am I bag obsessed, I'm RTW obssessed! God help me. Has this happened to you, too? :Push:
  2. fantastic. pics please.
  3. HC that sounds wonderful! I love it when you find a great pair of pants. (I can never find a perfect fit!) I agree with Annie we must see pictures they sound heavenly(sp?)!
  4. LOL!!! Congratulations on finding the perfect pants!! We need some pics!!!
  5. That sounds pretty dangerous!!
  6. Congratulations! Finding pants with perfit fit is priceless.
  7. I would love to have a closet filled with H bags, scarves, shoes, and RTW...YES. :yahoo: I have always admired Hermes clothing...absolutely.
  8. Haute Countress that is AMAZING!! Did they coax you into looking at rtw? I have found that my SA's have been pushing me to buy RTW...until they actually see me try them on!! :wtf::wtf:Then they usually kindly respond, "I see why you rarely buy rtw" Yeah, never looks good on me, except for the cardigans! Who doesn't look good in an H cardy??;)

    Yes, their pants are like BUTTAH! My problem is that when I put my short stumpy leg in, it doesn't come out the other side!!! :roflmfao:
  9. Sounds wonderful!!! WOW 4 pairs!!! Get ready for the ring a ding phone call offering you croc bags in the newest.....latest colors of the season to coordinate!!!:yes:
  10. I love the detail on Hermes trousers - they are SO beautifully made. I'm just grateful that I'm sure they would never fit me - no pants ever do. If they fit in the bottom and the legs, they are too tight in the waist.
  11. Me either, I'm destined to wear skirts and dresses everyday. Good thing I love those items. Can we see modeling pics, please :woohoo:?
  12. PICTURES please! Would love to see them!!! :smile:
  13. HC Congratulations, your pants sound perfect! I climbed those stairs too & I can empathize, H-quality is second to none!:wlae:
  14. I hope you bought them in every color they had! This may never happen in this lifetime again. When I find something that fits like that, that is my MO!
  15. Congrats, HC! I :heart: H RTW, too, but their pants just don't work for me. However, I have bought other pieces of their RTW, tops mostly. I'm currently saving up for this gorgeous dress on the mannequin at the BH store, though;)