You know you have Purse Forum Syndrome when.....!!!.

  1. That's funny!!

    I think I have been somewhat cured, however, as I don't wake up in the middle of the night and check what's going on here any more.......much.....
  2. That is a classic!!....:roflmfao:
  3. Go YOU!!! What did consession SA say? :smile:
  4. When you tell your OH that you need to get on your central hub because you haven't been on it ALL day!!! :lolots:
  5. When your boyfriend gives you a bag instead of an engagement ring at your request!
  6. When you're having a real pesk of a day - calls to make, bills to pay, errands to run, gardening to do (ditto housework) chickens, kittens (and hungry teenagers) to feed - and all you keep thinking is......sod all of that, there's something much more interesting and important to do!......;)
  7. I suspect there are a surprising amount of us. Since joining this forum I have been amazed/relieved to know I am not alone. Great thread, Rox ;)
  8. :tup:
  9. :lolots:

    what about both :graucho: :giggles:
  10. Take note of the time - I've resisted ALL DAY!
  11. :tup: like sit on PF.....I've been doing and saying that since I joined in June and hence my house is now like a dusty old shed littered with clothes and shoes BUT!! very methodically placed bags!!:lolots: A girls gotta get her priorities right ;)
  12. He bought me the ring too!! He puts up with a lot
  13. Ahh thanks. :coolio:
    I wish i could be cured im trying really hard this month.;)
  14. Wow, sac - v impressive - but surely you are on medication!!!!!!:lol:
  15. When you've had a ridiculously manic day (today!) - and have just paused for a nice steaming cuppa - and find, to your intense frustration - that your broadband connection has crashed.......and all you can think about is - I'm missing out on all the excitement!!!!...:lol:

    Footnote: connection has righted itself (thank goodness!) - was envisaging 3 hour muffled convo with man in Mumbai to sort..........:nogood::tdown: