You know you have Purse Forum Syndrome when.....!!!.

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    When you hear a breaking piece of news and one of the first (or second) things you think is "I wonder if it's been posted yet?"

    When you find yourself starting sentences with, "My friends and I were talking about this online, and we think . . . .

    When you've fractured your left arm but are still on tPF, typing with your right hand. (I slipped on the ice, got a hairline fracture of my right humerus and spent time with my left arm in a sling and propped on a pillow while navigating with my right hand.)
  2. caitlin1214 - your devotion to duty and dedication knows no bounds (but on a serious note, I do hope your arm is fully on the mend!!:biggrin:).....
  3. when your hubby knows just as much about bags as you and can tell you what color and year a bag is at a glance
  4. Ouch, poor you, hope it heals quickly :biggrin:
  5. When you mention the word "bag" and your OH just rolls his eyes and your daughter says "oh mum not ANOTHER bag":giggles:
  6. Thanks. The arm fracture happened about five years ago.
  7. When you and your friend are at the movies and she turns to you and asks, "Is her bag real?" (And you have to explain why it isn't.)
  8. You know you have Purse Forum Syndrome when you log on at, say, 9.30 am just for a quick look and wonder why your stomach is growling and look at the clock and see it is 1.30.
  9. You know you have Purse Forum Syndrome when at the end of the day you delete the history from your laptop in case husband checks to see how long you have been on this time.
  10. :roflmfao:
  11. LOVE it!!.....:biggrin:
  12. sacdujour - both of these are priceless - way to go!!!:biggrin:
  13. Yep - a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, especially where other-halves are concerned - this can actually backfire!!!!:graucho:
  14. So I'm not the only one then.........:giggles:
  15. Yeah, we were in the concession stand and the woman in front of me had a bag like mine (an LV Speedy 30) . . . . except it wasn't.

    One dead giveaway was that none of her logos were upside down. Also I don't believe any of it has ever oxidized.

    She was acting kind of snooty with the concession person and I found myself saying something I'd never thought I'd say (after she left): "She acts pretty high and mighty for someone with a fake bag."